If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...
If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...

This is your safe place;
a place to finally get comfortable with coincidences
that can’t be ignored and intuitive feelings you know are right.

I believe you because I’ve been there.

From age 11, I worked this out for myself and my site is so you never have to feel alone or misunderstood about being psychic again.

I’ve always been the weird kid.

Now it’s my superpower.

Getting kicked out of Brownies as a kid for seeing fairies was the best thing that happened, because from that day on I knew I could see things others didn’t.

They thought I was pretending.

I knew I was psychic.

Back then, I kept quiet about what I saw, heard and knew, but not any more!







No need to beat yourself up
for having higher senses.








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When you really want a Spirit message

When we come to see mediums work, or for a private sitting, we want a Spirit message, don't we? We are keen to hear from a loved one in spirit and get confirmation they're still there, part of our lives. We just want reassurance Have you ever been to a public...

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Discover your elemental power source

Do you know where your elemental power source is? Mine's the ocean. It's where I come to nourish my soul. It's where I feel my power rise. Everybody has a place where their soul is fed, a place in nature that just feels like them. There is a great store of psychic...

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There are no magic beans

I stopped believing in God on a Monday in 1967. At Sunday School the day before, we made Jesus in fuzzy felt with palm trees, a manger and a pretty star. I used a nice yellow felt for the star. The teacher in Sunday School told us about prayer. We could have anything...

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Why your spirit guide isn’t famous

You might have seen my recent video -  I talked about getting a new Egyptian spirit guide. I get so sad seeing beautiful  people doubting the presence of their guides because they think they  have to have a famous one. They close the door to all the loving inspiration...

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57 life lessons for psychics

https://youtu.be/FGY-aSu57a0     Why 57? Because that’s how long I’ve been around. It’s not a sexy number, but I got thinking about all the things I’ve learned about living with one foot in this world and one in the other and it was a lot. It became a list...

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Could You Be Astral Traveling?

  Being open to unseen energies, psychic or intuitive, sometimes means visits from spirit even when they are not invited. It reminds me of an old TV ad, where nosey neighbours walk through the front door saying, "saw the light on, thought we'd pop in!." Unwelcome...

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3 Things About Clairaudience You Need To Know

Having the gift of psychic hearing, or clairaudience isn't just for Seashells - your quiz results may be a Seeker, a Sensor or even an untamed Whoopi, but there are still other abilities waiting to develop. (Oh - haven’t done the quiz? Go here to discover what your...

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Five stories of a medium

Or: that time her dead relatives spotted pot growing on her balcony... I was interviewed recently about what it's like to be a medium and give clairvoyant readings. Don't think I grew up knowing I was psychic -  far from it. I was the opposite. Psychic was something...

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Where To Park The Unicorn On A Bad Day

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d74gIJmbf5k     Guess what? Even the most enlightened have the occasional bad days. The days where we fall off our unicorn and the glitter toss just doesn't do it for us. I'm here to tell you it's OK to have crappy days - I'm...

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The Key To Accurate Intuition

Probably the most asked question when we are developing our higher senses is if it’s really intuition or imagination. That’s actually a wonderfully healthy question because it shows sincerity and a desire to genuinely be of service. Asking this question...

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4 Grounding tips for Intuitives

As an intuitve, there will alway be things to challenge the way our energy stands firm.   Grounding means being in energetic control - having a grip on your body and thoughts, and locating them somewhere close to each other.   There's probably times you've felt like a...

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Intuition Is 5G Wifi In A World Of Dial Up

If you’ve explored your intuition for a while, you’ll know it's always gliding you down the divine red carpet of personal destiny. The big job is getting out of the way long enough to arrive gracefully instead of in a sweating messy heap. Whether you are a seasoned...

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Are you over waiting to get psychic?

You're here because you want to discover more about your psychic self. And my guess is you're also pretty normal, so the fluff and unicorns may be fun for a while, but, like Chinese food, it's not fulfilling. It lacks something, and it's not happening fast enough....

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Recurring numbers – what they mean

Do you see reccurring numbers everywhere, like 11:11 or 333? Do you wonder at the meaning?  There's a ton of information available, much it banking on our search for deeper meaning in life. Before the internet, before Doreen Virtue, before Solara An-Ra created the...

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Ghost Or Not? Four Ways To Tell

I have to be honest - I hate ghost tours. It's my pet peeve. Imagine paying good money to go through some dingy place and trying to feel spooky, while any real spirit would have gone ages ago and all that's left is the residual energy of whatever happened there. It's...

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