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Evidential psychic and mediumship readings that touch the soul

without new age crap.

Psychic/mediumship training

Learn to give accurate readings that touch souls. Evidential training with no fluff.

Psychic/mediumship readings

Honest insights to help you move forward. Empowering and confirming. Know you’re on the right track.

Psychic Classroom

Mini-courses, tutorials and meditations for the evidential psychic or medium you want to be.

Having a reading is like hanging out with your favourite girlfriend. She makes you feel comfortable, has a quirky sense of humour and tells it straight.

– Laura Dick


– a guide for nervous mediums

Written as a total heart project, this tiny book will guide as your exploration of the inner worlds of your soul and  beyond to the world of spirit.

With small stories, hints and gentle encouragement, Falling Up reminds you of your spiritual connection, and how to re-find it again.

The only person with a deck of cards I bother talking to.

– Trudi Pavlovsky

I give good


I give good


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Psychic readings

Honest insights to help you move forward. No predictions, but soul growth. From $95.