If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...
If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...

This is your safe place;
a place to finally get comfortable with coincidences
that can’t be ignored and intuitive feelings you know are right.

I believe you because I’ve been there.

From age 11, I worked this out for myself and my site is so you never have to feel alone or misunderstood about being psychic again.

I’ve always been the weird kid.

Now it’s my superpower.

Getting kicked out of Brownies as a kid for seeing fairies was the best thing that happened, because from that day on I knew I could see things others didn’t.

They thought I was pretending.

I knew I was psychic.

Back then, I kept quiet about what I saw, heard and knew, but not any more!







No need to beat yourself up
for having higher senses.








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Earthbound Spirits – no such thing!

I hate to break it to you, but as far as ghosts go, there's no such thing as earthbound spirits - ones who can't go to the Light. I used to believe they got stuck too, I even did sessions about it, but now I know better. Everybody goes to the Light Even really...

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How to improve your intuition right now

When intuition works it feels fabulous, doesn't it? Things flow and and every small sign becomes a guidepost. But what about when it's not that easy? When doubt creeps in, it's just as easy to write those signs off as co-incidences. Dreams fade and gut feelings become...

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When Intuition Vanishes

Not long ago, a beautifully intuitive client got alarmed because her psychic spidey senses disappeared. She felt weird and alone all of a sudden as if her guides had left. She felt as intuitive as a potato. This is a great sign because it means she's growing. It...

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Blocked intuition? This is why:

Do you wish your intuition was better? Good enough to rely on every day? If you spend a lot of time online or rush from task to task during the day, it could be blocked. As intuitives, we already have one foot in the next world - it's even more important for us to be...

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Spirit Guides – are you listening?

Spirit guides. Everyone wants to talk to them. They're talking all right, but are we getting it? It's the listening part we forget about. In case you're not sure, you are already psychic. And you also have spirit guide. You didn't get left out. You weren't at the end...

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How To Check Your Psychic Inbox

Multi-tasking is for intuitive work too How much time do you have to check your psychic inbox? To "log on" and collect the messages and guidance waiting for you? Not as much as you'd like I bet. If you feel time poor and task heavy, you aren't the only one. These...

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Overthinking messes with your intuition

https://youtu.be/rhQT_OI2qUo   Is your intuition feeling blocked? Do you have these symptoms? Over thinking, doubting, second guessing everything, maybe asking the same question over and over again, even asking the cards and getting even the same cards? These are...

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The Truth About Spirit Guides

Here's the truth about Spirit Guides no one ever wants to tell you: Connecting to them is hard work.   I'll let you in on another truth about Spirit Guides: I don't even know who my guides are, let alone their names, and I've been at this a while now. There's no need...

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Do you have psychic constipation?

Ewww - What a thought! But it's true - we our psychic senses CAN get blocked. Especially when there's so much to do and our minds are racing from one thing to another . Next minute it seems our Guides have gone on radio silence. Nothing.   Imagine this: - you want to...

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Is it an Intuitive Download? How to tell

Is it a download? It's a new word coined to mean that perfect moment of understandings. An epiphany of spiritual message that forever changes our view on life. We all want them. It’s why we t ravel the spiritual path; for the downloads, for the big ‘aha’s” and...

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3 Things They Never Told You About Meditation

I used to be a terrible meditator. I would've gladly eaten boiled brussels sprouts rather than sit quietly with my thoughts for twenty minutes. It was a problem, because I really wanted to grow my psychic abilities. I watched fellow students who did meditate zoom...

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Psychic Protection is Outdated

Psychic protection is outdated. It's so last century, in fact it’s two centuries ago. This might seem controversial, but a lot of the stuff we recognise as negative energies, spirit attachments and even demons actually come from religious culture designed to keep us...

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Can Spirit Guides See Me Naked?

https://youtu.be/k0zBHfOeSG0   Here's something I get asked a lot: Can my loved ones in spirit see me naked in the bathroom? I bet you've wondered, right? Because we all need our privacy. Are they watching me all the time? If they can see everything I do, how...

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3 Weird Things You Never Knew About Me

What's the first weird thing about you? I spill food on myself. It's not like I'm a messy eater, but somehow it ends up on me. Every meal - it's like clockwork. My partner says it's not a real meal until I'm wearing some of it. What makes you different from other...

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Relax Don’t Do It

When a friend asks for an intuitive reading do you cringe inside? Do you worry about getting it wrong, or getting anything at all? What about the other times when you're spot on, and 100% correct? Those times when it's spontaneous, off the cuff and no-ones trying?...

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