If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...
If you’re a budding psychic, or intuitive woman weirded out by your gifts, or worried others will call you weird...

This is your safe place;
a place to finally get comfortable with coincidences
that can’t be ignored and intuitive feelings you know are right.

I believe you because I’ve been there.

From age 11, I worked this out for myself and my site is so you never have to feel alone or misunderstood about being psychic again.

I’ve always been the weird kid.

Now it’s my superpower.

Getting kicked out of Brownies as a kid for seeing fairies was the best thing that happened, because from that day on I knew I could see things others didn’t.

They thought I was pretending.

I knew I was psychic.

Back then, I kept quiet about what I saw, heard and knew, but not any more!







No need to beat yourself up
for having higher senses.








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The blog is for budding psychics to nurture their psychic and spiritual growth. If you’re just starting or already blossoming, it’s all here.

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3 things about clairaudience you need to know

Having the gift of psychic hearing, or clairaudience isn't just for Seashells - your quiz results may be a Seeker, a Sensor or even an untamed Whoopi, but there are still other abilities waiting to develop. (Oh - haven’t done the quiz? Go here to discover what your...

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Five stories of a medium

Or: that time her dead relatives spotted pot growing on her balcony... I was interviewed recently about what it's like to be a medium and give clairvoyant readings. Don't think I grew up knowing I was psychic -  far from it. I was the opposite. Psychic was something...

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The key to accurate intuition

If you hung out with me in my recent webinar on how to trust your intuition, you'd know the seven ways to tell if its real, and still it gets tricky. Utimately it comes down to self-awareness. The bottom line is self-awareness Intuition is raising our receptivity...

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4 Grounding tips for Intuitives

As an intuitve, there will alway be things to challenge the way our energy stands firm.   Grounding means being in energetic control - having a grip on your body and thoughts, and locating them somewhere close to each other.   There's probably times you've...

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Intuition is 5g wifi in a world of dial up

If you’ve explored your intuition for a while, you’ll know it's always gliding you down the divine red carpet of personal destiny. The big job is getting out of the way long enough to arrive gracefully instead of in a sweating messy heap. Whether you are a...

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Are you over waiting to get psychic?

You're here because you want to discover more about your psychic self. And my guess is you're also pretty normal, so the fluff and unicorns may be fun for a while, but, like Chinese food, it's not fulfilling. It lacks something, and it's not happening fast enough....

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Recurring numbers – what they mean

Do you see reccurring numbers everywhere, like 11:11 or 333? Do you wonder at the meaning?  There's a ton of information available, much it banking on our search for deeper meaning in life. Before the internet, before Doreen Virtue, before Solara An-Ra created the...

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Ghost or not? Four ways to tell

I have be honest - I hate ghost tours. It's my pet peeve. Imagine paying good money to go through some dingy place and trying to feel spooky, while any real spirit would have gone ages ago and all that's left is the residual energy of whatever happened there. It's a...

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4 way to manage emotions for better intuition

If you did the psychic strength quiz and were a Sensor, you know what it's like to live life with feelings turned up full dial. Those closest may not have understood your sensitivity and words like, "cry baby" or "thin skinned" might still be painful memories. Sensors...

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Overcoming blocks to psychic growth

Fear of change and who we'll become arrives in all shapes and sizes. It's scary stepping up to a new soul level, and overcoming blocks to psychic growth. "Stuff" comes up. One thing we know for sure on our spiritual path - it changes us. As I write this, I'm only 6...

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The truth about spirit guides

Here's the truth about Spirit Guides no one ever wants to tell you: Connecting to them is hard work.   I'll let you in on another truth about Spirit Guides: I don't even know who my guides are, let alone their names, and I've been at this a while now....

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Luna Lovegood is my power animal

I have a crush on Luna Lovegood. She’s one of Harry Potter’s fiercest defenders and the odd one out at Hogwarts. With her blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes, she lives in another world. I love her because I used to feel weird and left out at school too. Socially...

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A near death experience in Paris

Three days before flying home from Paris last year, I had a near death experience. I knew with the dazzling clarity of a burning bush my plane would be shot from the sky and I'd perish in a fiery ball of, well, fire.   This wasn’t a prediction, or a premonition,...

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50 ways to raise your vibration fast

Having a high vibration isn’t just for the rainbow and unicorn set, it’s actually one of the cornerstones of working effectively with your psychics gifts. It's how we get clearer messages, more consistently and isn't that what we all want? A bright shiny aura filled...

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How to get a good reading

If there’s one question that ensures you don't get a good reading, it's asking, "Does He Love Me?" Because once I asked the same question. I was young, unsure and so disconnected to my gut instincts I had to outsource. I learned the hard way. Not tuning in to my...

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