If you’ve explored your intuition for a while, you’ll know it’s always gliding you down the red carpet of personal destiny. The big job is getting out of the way long enough to arrive gracefully instead of with sweet stains under your armpits and your hair unravelling. Whether you are a seasoned traveler on the Spiritual path, or just hopped on, one thing’s for sure:


You know there’s more.

There’s a longing to plumb the depths of the inner self, and maybe a little fear too. Already things are changing.  There might be a huge desire to shut down the white noise of the world and connect back to bigger priorities – like finding out what you really want. It’s not like your soul isn’t handing out hints like these:


  • A desire for stillness.
  • Changing tastes in everything from movies to food to friends you hang with.
  • Dreams that feel so real, it’s like being awake.
  • The same Oracle cards turning up again and again.
  • Mystery co-incidences – if only you could trust them. But you can. Because as we dive into the idea of soul connection, we meet the word “psychic”. The word “psychic” is just an old Greek word meaning “of the soul”.


Psychic is getting information using our extended awareness

The better psychic we are, the better our connection to our own soul and everyone else’s. It’s like having 5G wifi in a world of dial up. (Do you like the image? It’s a free desktop wallpaper download. Help yourself.)




Good psychic connection takes courage and imagination.

Stuff we had in bucket loads as children. As kids, we still remembered our spiritual home, and our yards transformed to forts, secret gardens, magical tea parties and witches dens. We never got tired of discovering and with luck our sense of curiosity never got squashed.

Maybe there was an imaginary friend, or at least a favourite bear to share troubles and offer comfort. Maybe there were monsters under the bed and you slept with a plastic sword to slay them every night. At least that was what my brother did as a child, and I was so scared the dark, I had to have the door open so someone could hear me scream.

Growing up, we make the everyday world our new home, and we forget about our spiritual home. We leave our magical world for one where everything makes sense, is regular and explainable. Somehow that slides into our new reality. But is it?


If you’ve ever wondered, “is there more than this?”

If you’ve ever wanted to return to the pirate adventure of a living room sailing ship, it’s time to answer the tug at your soul and come join a small and select group of intuitive travellers in the Psychic Connection Package.

Even though the groups are small, there’s space for budding intuitives who want to understand the ABC’s of making a psychic connection every time, no matter what. We will open our minds to possibility and imagination again, and return to an intuition we never lost, just filed away in some stuffy drawer.

One lady was so brand new to her intuitive path she thought no one would want a newbie. Right now, she’s leading the way with one psychic discovery after another and gaining confidence every day.

Another lady added the word “intuitive to her work title and didn’t freak out, while the only guy in the group blew us all away getting every psychic exercise 100% right.


It’s time to take your gifts further.

Not sure if this is for you?  Book a free quick chat with me. I’ll peek into your energy field and see where you’re gifts are at and what the next step will be. Comment below and I will get in touch with the link to start your free chat, and if you’re ready to upgrade to 5g wifi, read more about the Psychic Connection Package. 



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!