People get readings for many reasons and I’ve probably seen it all. There are some common ones I’ve come across, and no doubt your reason falls in here somewhere. Whatever’s going on in your life, here’s 6 reasons to get a psychic reading:


When you’re at a crossroads in life

This way or that way? Crossroads are those places in life when you don’t know which way to go. A second viewpoint is great at this time to help you make a decision. You can get a heads up on what’s coming your way, no matter which direction you choose to go with. Readings can give you that foresight.



When it’s all up in your face and you can’t be objective

You can get overwhelmed with everything going on in your life and that makes it hard to see what’s right in front of you sometimes. You can get really attached to how things should pan out.

That makes it hard to see it for yourself for real. It’s easy to become too invested and that’s OK! A reading can spot what the most important bits are and what needs to be looked straight away. Getting a reading from a third party, a reader you trust will help you get all your ducks in a row.


When you want that perfect timing

Timing is important! Get a reading for the best possible time to invest, start a new project, get a new job, hire someone, plan your holiday, start dating, buy a house, sell a house, branch out or expand in some way. All these are all perfect opportunities to get a reading to help pick the best possible time to do those things.


When life throws you a curveball

Everything can be humming along and then all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose! Something happened that you didn’t see coming. You’ve just had your ass handed to you by the Universe. Instead of letting it stop you in your tracks, get a psychic reading.

Find out why it happened and what’s behind that curveball. What are the overarching themes that keep popping up? There are things you can’t see that are underlying the issues. A psychic reading tunes into and sees things you can’t.


When life is going well

Even when you have a solid plan and things are going really well, you can be unsure of whether you’re indeed going in the right direction. You want a little reassurance, the nod from God that you’re on the right track.

A psychic reading is your cosmic confirmation. It can reveal any bumps in the road that might be coming up, anything you need to pay attention to. A psychic reading will check in with your higher self, your guides and the Universe in general. It’s a win when you can be the best version of yourself and fast-track your success.


When you need to get out of your own way

This is especially good when you’re in business. When you fall into the same pits all the time and just can’t seem to overcome things, a psychic reading is going to uncover that. Not on that but also what needs to be done to overcome your self-sabotage.

Peel off those layers and get right down to the core of the problem so you can go ahead and get those solutions that you need. Be that a kinesiology session, working with a coach or even outsourcing.

These are the six main reasons to get a reading but of course, there are many more. If you’d like a heads up, the cosmic confirmation, the nod from God, a second opinion, I’d love to read for you.



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