Probably the most asked question when we are developing our higher senses is if it’s really intuition or imagination. That’s actually a wonderfully healthy question because it shows sincerity and a desire to genuinely be of service. Asking this question will help you stay mindful and accuracy will improve just with that one step.
My masterclass,  the secret language of intuition and how to understand it, offers several ways to check in on how that intuitive info arrives, but really the the bottom line is self-awareness.

The bottom line is self-awareness

As we become more aware of energy, becoming receptive to subtle messages that arrive as intuition, there is a point where certainty increases. Just like the shampoo ad, “It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen’. It’s a bit confusing at the beginning, because that delicate perception isn’t quite there yet. It’s like trying to play Beethoven when all we learned at school was ‘Chopsticks’.

My program, Psychic Connection Package lays down the strong foundations needed for more accurate intuiiton. The sensitivity and raised slowly, so eventually you will be able to tell when information arrives intuitively and when it doesn’t.

Raising that sensitivity to energy and awareness is 90% of the work. Breaking it down even more, there’s two ways to get information energetically. One is intuition and one is the conscious mind. One is received from something that feels like an external source, while the conscious mind’s function is purely internal.

Accurate intuition is received

Intuition is about receiving information we had not known before. It’s that ability to tune in before we know. There’s a difference between receiving information, having it coming from a external source, and generating that information in our own conscious minds.

I recently had this experience. I was in an intuitive training retreat and really wanting to know more about my guides. I became aware of a presence around me that was quite strong. As I felt into that presence I was aware that it was a woman. In the retreat there was a lot of meditation, as you can imagine. Throughout the day I became more and more aware of the presence of a woman in spirit who definitely felt like a spirit guide. I felt that she was Egyptian and I felt the power of her, but I also felt that she had a really high forehead, like mine.

They were the perceptions.

That’s the information I received about the presence of this woman that I felt was my new guide. So, what did my mind do? My mind started linking the received information with what was I already knew. My brain put together the perception s of a powerful Egyptian woman with a high forehead,and came up with: Nefertiti.
My mind generated an answer. I highly doubt my spirit guide’s Nefertiti, but that’s where the concise mind loves to work. It’ loves to solve puzzles and make links. This happens alot when people feel the presence of a mystical old man with a beard and maybe a cape and their mind jumps to the only figure that fits that description: Merlin.

Our minds take a certain amount of information that comes from spirit, and goes, “Ooh, I need to make answers of this,” and comes out with an answer that’s manufactured, not received.

That does not mean the original perceptions were wrong, it just mean we need to stick to the evidence we received. In this case it was an Egyptian spirit guide who is a woman who has a high forehead. That’s all. Do we have to know more, or is that the conscious mind and the ego desiring to have a label and an identity further than what was originally perceived?

That’s usually the main stumbling and how we can get more accurate intuition. If that happens, simply go back to the original perception, the original information that was received. Go back to that and stick to that, because it’s usually where you went after that that was a little bit messy.

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between imagination and intuition, I have a masterclass available to watch. It covers the secret language of intuition and there’s a free workbook to download too.