If you hung out with me in my recent webinar on how to trust your intuition, you’d know the seven ways to tell if its real, and still it gets tricky. Utimately it comes down to self-awareness.

The bottom line is self-awareness

Intuition is raising our receptivity to subtle messages to a level high enough to be able to make them useable in our every day lives.

That’s what’s so confusing when we start, because perception isn’t raised to that level yet. What we do in the Psychic Connection Package is, work on that perception and raise it slowly, slowly, slowly, so ultimately the difference between real intuition and imagination becomes clear.

That’s 90% of the work, right there.

Breaking it down even more, here’s a how to move to more accuracy:  Does the information feel like it’s come from an external source – “percieved” – or is the information really generated by the mind?  One is external, and one is internal. One is received from outside us, one is created inside us, or generated.

If it’s generated, it’s not intuition.

Intuition’s receiving insight we can’t possibly know, or have made up. It’s an ability to tune in before we even know.

Let’s go over that again.

There’s a difference between receiving information; having it coming from an external source, and generating that information. Here’s an example, and it’s about spirit guides.

In March last year, I got a new spirit guide. I was in a spiritual retreat and I became aware of a presence around me that was quite strong. As I felt into that presence I was aware it was a woman. I was pretty happy about that, as I’d wanted a female spirit guide for a while.

I put my order in for a woman spirit guide, and I got one.

In this mediumship retreat, we’re doing a lot of meditation, as you can imagine. Throughout the day I felt into this new presence more and got some great confiramtions. She felt that she was Egyptian and I felt the power of her, and she had a high forehead, like mine.

They were the perceptions.

That’s the information I received about the presence of this woman that I felt was my new guide.

So, what did my mind do? My mind generated. It went, “Hmm, Egyptian woman, powerful, high forehead: Nefertiti.” My mind took the perception that I got and then ran off and generated some kind of answer. Now I’m not saying my spirit guide’s Nefertiti. In fact, I highly doubt that. But what happens is, we perceive a certain amount of information that comes to us from spirit, and then our good old mind goes, “Ooh, I need to make answers of this,” and it joins the dots and generates an answer.

And it wasn’t correct.

That doesn’t mean the original perception was incorrect – the Egyptian strong female presence – but where my mind went afterwards wasn’t accurate.

What evidence did I have? I have an Egyptian spirit guide who is a woman who has a high forehead. That’s all I know. I’m really happy with that. I don’t have to have a famous person as a guide.

That’s a little pointer about perceiving and receiving, about receiving information and then what we do with it in our minds.

It’s normal to get this mixed up, especially when we are just starting out. And thats why as intuitives we need lots of practise to help us spot when it’s actually recieved information and when we self generate it.

If that happens, all you need to do is go back to the original reception, the original information that was received. Go back to that and stick to that, because it’s usually where you went after that that got a little bit messy.


This is a bit of an advanced technique but it’s something we do in depth in the Psychic Connection Package. If you’ve watched the webinar on how to trust your intuition and are ready to take it to the next step, the Psychic Connection Package might be for you.

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