Four weeks 

to blow

your mind on what’s possible.

If you’re boxed in by rules as a psychic and medium, it’s revolution time.

We’re about to flip that on its head.

No more:

🤮 Long boring lists of symbolic meanings.
🤮 Following five step systems for readings.
🤮 Any kind of ’supposed to’ with strict adherence.
🤮 Detailed descriptions of what the psychic sees (yawn) instead of the actual message.

If you’re wracked with doubt because your clairvoyance doesn’t work like that, welcome to the other side, you rebel!

You’ve been doing it right all along and I’m here to dust off the B/S of the Spirtual patriarchy.

There is a MUCH more validating (and 10x more effective) way of using clairvoyance in a reading.

come to

the other



You loved the 90 minute taster of Clairvoyant AF and want more. 

You feel out of place because your second sight doesn’t work like everyone else’s.

Working with symbology is like listening to someone tell you the dream they had.

You love my honest, direct style and know I’m gonna bust it all out in this one. 


Advanced Clairvoyance call times:


Thursday, July 20th, at 10am, AEST

Thursday, July 27th at 10am, AEST

Thursday, August 3rd at 10am, AEST

Thursday, August 10th at 10am, AEST


Calls are recorded for a cringe re-watch or to catch up.

be part of Advanced Clairvoyance

May your second sight never be the same.


What happens in class?

Four weeks of practical training in a totally new approach to clairvoyance, turning everything you know about clairvoyance on its head.

We all learn in one small group with lots of examples and games. 

Class is recorded and made available for replay – No breakout rooms.

Space to ask all the questions and finally validate your way of working.

Denise Litchfield

When I was taught this clairvoyance technique by my tutor, Paul Jacobs, the class was in uproar. Then it worked. 

May your clairvoyance never be the same again