Using an alias as a psychic business name

Using an alias as a psychic business name

Privacy is the number one reason new psychics use an alias as a business name. There are upsides and downsides to working under a pseudonym – mainly using another name that isn’t yours asks potential clients to remember two names instead of one.
But it’s scary starting out as a professional psychic or medium.


It often feels like a dream where you’re naked in public, because in a way, you are.

Anyone putting themselves out there as a working psychic needs a medal. To finally answer the pull from the soul that won’t shut up till you do, despite trembling knees and tummy knots is an amazing feat. Not everyone is brave enough to do that. It’s a rite of passage, and soul strengthening. Then there’s the business name. Use a real one or feel safer with a fictitious one?


Using an alias as a psychic business name

Some mediums add bylines to their name like, ‘The cowgirl medium’ or the ‘Extra Large Medium’ (both true names of actual mediums at one stage.) Others use their middle name as a surname.

There might be good reasons for more privacy, and there’s nothing wrong with having a working name. It keeps things separate, and dodges potentially awkward convos with relatives if you’re still in the broom closet.
The downside of using an alias is confusion from a marketing perspective. It forces someone to remember two names instead of one and guess which one they’ll remember?
Using an alias

Not the made up one.

They will remember yours. Humans are hardwired to connect to other humans. It’s why we hate automated check outs and robots on phone calls. People are naturally more likely to trust a real name and book a reading from a real name.
You’re enough now.
With the training you have.
With your name. It’s you and it’s perfect.
Make it easy for the right people to know you.
Stand on the shoulders of those from who you’ve learned who didn’t need tag lines, by lines or aliases.
Your soul and the rest of the world will breathe a sigh of relief and your work will be so much clearer and easier to find:
By good people who see the beauty of YOU, not the sideshow. And if it feels unsafe, here’s some points to ponder and lovingly explore. No beating yourself up with the answers, though.
  1. Does part of me feel safer not using my own name?
  1. Who am I hiding from? There will alway be someone. ( I have a personal black list, and my family still barely know what I do.)
  1. How can I build up a good sense of safety while still getting myself out there with my work?
  1. Do I really want to make clients work harder to remember me?
They will remember your name anyway, because we’re human and hard wired for connecting to other humans, so the fancy name or byline won’t matter.
And the imagined haters? That’s what the block button is for. I use it for emotional safety and highly recommend. Especially for family.
Block and delete. Even if it’s your Mum. Let ‘em scroll on by, because your sacred work was never meant for them anyway. Love to hear your thoughts on this, plus the most hilarious alias you’ve come across.

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