Are you a medium?

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Funnily enough, a medium really is  someone who stands in the middle, between the world of spirit and the people here in the physical.

A medium sensitises themselves through training and natural ability to be able to bring messages from the spirit world to those who are left behind. Have you wondered if you might be a medium?

It really is as if a medium is like a telephone line, and a much needed on because there are so many who have lost someone dear to them to the spirit world and in grief.


are you a medium?


You don’t have to be born a medium

You don’t have to come from a long line of spooky people or anything. It’s actually something that you can develop. You don’t have to be the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter.

Although some mediums are born with that special connection, it’s a faculty that can learnt with dedication.


So what’s a medium?

A medium is somebody that can communicates effectively and logically to the world of Spirit. And by Spirit, I mean those that have passed on. People that had earth lives, that are now in the next world. They specialise in giving information that is specific and relevant to the person, and try to avoid general statements like, “they love you.” “they are proud of you.”


Mediums talk about the person in spirit, not you.

They’ll talk about what they look like, maybe what their hobbies were, some shared memories, stuff that you used to do together. Enough details so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s really that person in Spirit and they’re not making it up. When a reading talks more about you than the person who has passed, that is a psychic reading.



Are you a medium?

  • Are you aware of the presence of Spirit around you?
  • Have you had certain experiences that no one can really explain yet?
  • Have you felt loved ones around you?
  • Have you been able to pass on messages from loved ones who have passed away to friends and family before?
  • Maybe you’ve just had an incredible interest in the hereafter and ghosts or spooky things for your whole life?



Mediums don’t need props

Another attribute that sets mediums apart from psychics is that mediums don’t use tools. Psychics use cards, tea leaves, palms, bird feathers and the like. Or sometimes no tools at all.

Mediums just connect, and don’t need props. They use their trust and training to make a direct line of connection to the other side. Mediums don’t “send spirits to the light” or rescue, they give evidence of their continued happy existence instead.


If the you’re wondering, “Am I a medium?” and you can say yes to this list, Shoot me a message and we can chat, or drop a comment below. There’s a lot more resources here in the blog for you as well.


  1. Margaret Nutley

    Hi Denise!
    How very interesting! I can help move Spirits on hadn’t done so for a while when a young lass I mentor rang me and asked for help as I was advising her what to do I just knew she was listening at my end and the young lass could feel her at her end! So by the the time we hung up the job was just about done! I have never had that happen before but I do know that when dealing with Spirit anything and everything is possible! ❤️

  2. deborah wilson

    I’ve been able to send others to the spirit world, without realizing I’ve done so until now. strange feeling.

  3. kimberly

    I have had strange things happen to me. I have always been interested in the spirit world

      • Tracy

        I love this is happening now. I want to learn how to work with it. Its one thing for a loved one but will i be able to for strangers

  4. Samantha Lynn

    Since an early age, I see, feel, and talk to Spirit. Seeing those who passed on used to scare me but no longer does. I had numerous experiences and still do as Spirit likes to hang around me, and my grandfather is fine with that as he believes in and supports my mediumistic abilities. Every time we go someplace that is haunted, he tells me to inform anyone who wishes to follow us back home to stay put. He doesn’t want a ghost living with us but as long as they come and go, its fine.

  5. Amanda

    Denise, I have always been able to sense things. I have had shadow people in my bathroom for quite some time. And yeah I am interested in the hereafter and ghosts.

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Semi fictional story about me: In 1994, I had a midlife crisis, got a boob job and moved to Byron Bay.

Quickly realized there was nothing there but more boob jobs and white furniture, so I escaped faux-spiritual beach culture, went to Peru, and experimented with DMT.

While there, fell in love with a Shaman who was really a plumber from Padstow, but stayed because of attachment issues.

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Parts of this story are true.


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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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