Ever wondered if you’re a medium?

Let get what a medium means to start with. A medium is just someone who stands in the middle, and they’re in the middle between the world of spirit and the people here in the physical. We get messages from the spirit world and we bring them through us as if we’re a human telephone line, in order to be received by someone here in the living. Being a medium is like having 5G wifi to the World of Spirit. Are you a medium? Here’s more ways to tell:

Being a medium isn’t special

Truthbomb! You don’t have to be born a medium. You don’t have to come from a long line of spooky people or anything. It’s actually something that you can develop. You don’t have to be born with gifts. You don’t have to grow up as a kid seeing spooky things or seeing spirit. Mediumship is a skill that can be learnt by just about anyone.

If you wanted six-pack-like washboard stomach muscles, you go to the gym. So if you want to be a medium and get really good at delivering messages from the spirit world, you’ve got to work out and do your exercises too.

So what’s a medium?

A medium is somebody that can communicate to the world of Spirit. And by Spirit I mean those that have passed on. People that had earth lives, that are now in the next world. Mediums have the ability to almost see beyond time and space and they can bring valid messages through to deliver to the living. You don’t want a whole lot of gobbledygook. You want something meaningful that you can use.

What you’ll find in a mediumship reading is a little bit different to a psychic reading. Mediums will talk about the person in spirit. They’ll talk about what they look like, maybe what their hobbies were, some shared memories, stuff that you used to do together. Enough details so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s really that person in Spirit and they’re not making it up.



Are you a medium?

  • Are you aware of the presence of Spirit around you?
  • Have you had certain experiences that no one can really explain yet?
  • Have you felt loved ones around you?
  • Have you been able to pass on messages from loved ones who have passed away to friends and family before?
  • Maybe you’ve just had an incredible interest in the hereafter and ghosts or spooky things for your whole life?


You could be a medium!

Another attribute that sets mediums apart from psychics is that mediums don’t use tools. Psychics use cards, tea leaves, palms, bird feathers and the like. Or sometimes no tools at all, that’s true as well. Mediums don’t usually need props. They use their direct line connection to the other side.

So if you’re wondering if you’re a medium, I hope that’s helped. You certainly don’t have to be born into a long line, you certainly don’t have to have this whole cred. Most people can train to be a medium. If they like it, if it interests them, just like you trained to go to a gym. Ciao!

If the question of are a medium has come up, most people discover pretty early on if they are a medium. Things happen they can’t ignore. Too many unexplained experiences and soon enough they come and find someone like me.

Had stuff like that happen? Shoot me a message and we can chat, or drop a comment below. I’ve got a special bundle of training just for you as well. Click on the image to check it out.




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