Do you wish your intuition was better? Good enough to rely on every day? If you spend a lot of time online or rush from task to task during the day, it could be blocked.

As intuitives, we already have one foot in the next world – it’s even more important for us to be grounded. Intuition is a crucial life skill we all need. Making business decisions, hiring new freelancers or that gut feeling about an outcome all point to good intuitive action. We need it for everyday life.

And that’s the secret – our modern day life is just not as grounded as it used to be. Fast food, faster internet and the demands of a job, children or life get in the way. In order to tap back onto the natural skills we all have, we can use simple resets to kick our intuition back online.


Block one: Being in the past.

We all have things we wish were different, but lets’ face it – the only way to be effective is to be change things now.  The more energy we give to the past, the more the past becomes our future. Let it go. If you find yourself thinking about stuff that happened ages ago, it might me time to release it. Use a journal, or create a little ritual on the next full moon – perfect time for releasing what needs to go.



Block two: Being in the future

Do you worry a lot? That’s also a way of living in the future, because worry is about things that haven’t happened yet. Gently shepherding attention back to the present moment drops the worry levels down and stress melts away.

Online entrepreneurs spend lots of time in the future – planning, thinking, dreaming and goal setting. Being “in our head” might good for business planning, but that’s not where intuition happens. Our bodies are like giant walking antennas. We constantly perceive and receive unseen info and process it as subtle hints and nudges from the Universe.

Next time you catch yourself in the future, stop and take a deep breath. Put your hand on your belly and feel your breath push your hand out. Breathing deep into the belly takes us out of the shallow stressy breathing and reminds us of our body again.Ignored of us to unblock our intuition we can move more towards being present and grounded in our our bodies. Use our human antennas well. Coming into the present moment only takes a few minutes of mindfulness.


Block three: Being in the present

The present is the only time to can be effective, and the place for our intuition to flourish is when we are present not only in time, but also in space. Right here, right now.

That means being grounded and present. If the days are too busy or there’s something eating up your mindshare, I have a quick and simple tool to help you get grounded and present.

It’s a 5 minute audio to add to your toolkit. Download it for free here, and add a solid foundation to your intuition by being grounded and present.

Free Meditation: Grounded & Present


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