Fear of change and who we’ll become arrives in all shapes and sizes. It’s scary stepping up to a new soul level, and overcoming blocks to psychic growth. “Stuff” comes up.

One thing we know for sure on our spiritual path – it changes us. As I write this, I’m only 6 hours back from an advanced mediumship retreat. I nearly didn’t make it, because my own “stuff” came up. Stuff like:

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog What if they don’t like me? (Ever had that one?)

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog What if I stand up there and nothing comes? I’ll look like an idiot

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog There are others better than me

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog What did I spend all that money for?

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog The tutor has a reputation for being fierce – I’ll be shamed in front of everyone




Do those blocks feel familiar?

Worrying about looking silly? Thinking there are so many who are better than you? I got so worked up with my blocks I felt sick. I could feel the flu coming.

Just like earlier this year before another big mediumship retreat. I spent most of it sneezing and coughing and being generally hideous. The fear of who I’d be and what sort of comfort zones might be pushed was enough to conjure the flu. That’s when I realised one of my blocks is to:


I stayed safe by getting sick.

So I put on my big girl pants got tapping. I love EFT to get the monsters out. After a few rounds of saying all the scary things that could happen while on retreat, I realised:

My soul is leading me. I need to trust it’s guidance and follow. If a soul’s leadership is blocked by fears, comparisons, or the need to be perfect, our soul lets us know with discomfort. Why does this happen? Why do we feel stuck, anxious and frustrated before we take the next steps to soul growth? Why do we even have to have blocks to our spiritual growth? They are all signs of not listening to where your soul wants to take you. But here’s the thing:

Overcoming blocks to psychic growth Pinterest

There’s a core part that KNOWS the next step in your psychic growth

Our soul self is the wiser, greater part of us and it’s also connected to the greater part of everything else. We are so vast we forget sometimes. Our soul self knows what we came here to do and nudges our human self along. It does that with intuitive senses, feelings and inner knowings. If we ignore our intuition, which really is our soul, we get sick, stuck and just plain grumpy at the world.


Your soul self always rises to the next level before your human self.

Most blocks are growing pains. We feel the urge to rise, and it can be uncomfortable, but once we’re there we never look back and oh my goodness how wonderful this new soul place is! Once I allowed my soul self to lead me, the good stuff flooded in. Positive affirmations like:

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog It’s just practice. We’re all there to practice.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog This is the best place to make mistakes.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog If I fall, someone will catch me.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog I want to be the worst in the room. I’m learning from the best.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog The pressure is off. There’s no need to impress anyone.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog There are friends here who don’t think I’m an idiot.


Overcoming blocks to your psychic growth

Right now I have the honour of teaching 18 private students brave enough to move on their next spiritual step. Each one has had to dig deep to overcome their own unique resistance to their soul growth on the course. I am there to catch and support them as they discover how to make strong psychic connections and get insights they can trust.

Each one has experienced the blocks above and risen to the call of their soul to get the results they want. We have a medical intuitive, a skilled birth educator who is proud to add the word “intuitive” to her title and three who successfully launched their first psychic readings into the world.

If you’re ready to move beyond the basics, to learn how to get a psychic connection you can trust every time, the Psychic Connection Package might be what you’re looking for.



I’ll share the secrets to consistent intuitive messages you can trust and fail-safe ways for connecting to your higher self, guides and helpers. I’ll see where your soul most wants to express itself and help you create a pathway to make it reality.

One lady was so brand new to her intuitive path she thought no one would want a newbie. Right now, she’s leading the way with one psychic discovery after another and gaining confidence every day. The secret group is buzzing with hungry questions and we even had a virtual wine night.

If this is the thing you soul has been nudging you to do, snap up the Psychic Connection package now, and get the ABC’s to reliable intuition you can trust in every time.