When to charge for psychic readings

Free readings are a fabulous way to build your audience, get known and trusted. They do have a place in every savvy psychic’s strategy, but it’s good to know why you’re offering them.

Check back in with the reason you want to do a free reading. Is it for practice? To try out a new spread or deck, or is it to eventually get more paying clients?

Make or break your psychic reading in two minutes

If you offer psychic readings face-to-face, make use of the crucial first two minutes that will make or break a psychic reading. What may look like meaningless chi-chat is actually where the client is deciding how much they can trust you and how much to let go. Then the magic happens.

How to handle nightmare clients

Nightmare psychic clients can be our best teachers – they help us get more professional, but if you just can’t stand another minute of them, here’s three ways to let them go gently and with love.

The essential must have to psychic reading success

You’ve done loads of courses and you have the certificates to prove it. You have oodles of clients but you’re still feeling like there’s a gap. You’re wondering if there’s more. Something more in the reading so that their epiphanies are the kind that makes stellar Facebook updates with your name in them.

One surprising reason they book psychic readings

There are three reasons people get a psychic reading. And I have a bonus one for you that you probably haven’t thought about. If you have had readings yourself, these are going to be familiar, and the one odd one will have you thinking:



I’m Denise Litchfield

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I work with savvy, intuitive women who’ve always known they’re a little psychic and to explore that side of themselves without dressing in crushed purple velvet. 

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Psychic Strength?


Psychic Strength?


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