Whose loved ones are they anyway, in mediumship?

it isn’t your loved ones turning up, but simply your own reference points being used in the sitting. Knowing this is how the Spirit People work, it’s a wonderful tool that will lead to more evidence about them and make a mediumship reading even more powerful.

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Signs from Spirit

Signs from Spirit

Our loved ones can use anything as signs from spirit, even pets. Their natural love bond is a perfect for messages.



I’m Denise Litchfield

I’m not your average psychic, unless cake eating, rescue dog loving clairvoyants who can’t cook rice are suddenly the new normal. Like Glinda the Good Witch, I believe you’ve always had the power, m’dear.

I work with savvy, intuitive women who’ve always known they’re a little psychic and to explore that side of themselves without dressing in crushed purple velvet. 

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Psychic Strength?


Psychic Strength?


Are you a visionary, a wise soothsayer or a bold spiritual leader?