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10 things I hate about psychics

10 things I hate about psychics

Here are ten things I hate about psychics: 1. My brother has a new housemate. She’s a psychic. She can’t take out the garbage because she was attacked by hoarde of hungry rats in a past life.

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The Little Fish

The Little Fish

Disney Pixar’s Soul. Have you seen it? Among the many tear-producing moments, but this early part strikes a chord: Joe’s school band clunks along until one child is swept up in the music and does an amazing trombone solo.

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Pizza for the soul

Learn how to be a medium and talk to dead people

I’m Denise Litchfield

I’m not your average psychic, unless cake eating, rescue dog loving clairvoyants who can’t cook rice are suddenly the new normal. Like Glinda the Good Witch, I believe you’ve always had the power, m’dear.

I work with savvy, intuitive women who’ve always known they’re a little psychic and to explore that side of themselves without dressing in crushed purple velvet.