When it all turns to poop

  When things are working really well, a sneaky thing happens. The evil twin suddenly wants to poop on your party dress. That evil twin wants to remind you it can't POSSIBLY be this good for long.   Like the time I produced a comedy skit for 5th grade, but...

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Three tips to help you get a Spirit message

When we come to see mediums work, or for a private sitting, we want a Spirit message, don't we? We are keen to hear from a loved one in spirit and get confirmation they're still there, part of our lives. We just want reassurance Have you ever been to a public...

There are no magic beans

I stopped believing in God on a Monday in 1967. At Sunday School the day before, we made Jesus in fuzzy felt with palm trees, a manger and a pretty star. I used a nice yellow felt for the star. The teacher in Sunday School told us about prayer. We could have anything...

Clairvoyant Real Talk

Ready for some clairvoyant real talk? I was interviewed about what it's like to be a medium and give clairvoyant readings. You probably know I'm not the average clairvoyant, but what you might now know is I didn't grow up knowing I was psychic -  far from it. I was...

Overcoming Blocks To Psychic Growth

It's scary stepping up to a new soul level, and overcoming blocks to psychic growth. Our stuff comes up, and wants to keep us safe. One thing we know for sure on our spiritual path - it changes us. As I write this, I'm only 6 hours back from an advanced mediumship...

A Near Death Experience In Paris

Three days before flying home from Paris last year, I had a near death experience. I knew with the dazzling clarity of a burning bush my plane would be shot from the sky and I'd perish in a fiery ball of, well, fire.   This wasn’t a prediction, or a premonition,...

14 Years In A Cult

First off, let me say everything you’ve ever read about Scientology is true - except maybe where Tom Cruise can fly. He can’t fly. Neither can that ashtray you yell at for three hours on the $1500 Scientology basic course. As a confused 17 year old, Scientology saved...


Psychic Strength?

Are you a visionary, a wise soothsayer, or a bold spiritual leader?




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I’m Denise Litchfield

I’m not your average psychic, unless cake eating, rescue dog loving clairvoyants who can’t cook rice are suddenly the new normal. Like Glinda the Good Witch, I believe you’ve always had the power, m’dear.

I work with savvy, intuitive women who’ve always known they’re a little psychic and to explore that side of themselves without dressing in crushed purple velvet. 

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Psychic Strength?


Psychic Strength?


Are you a visionary, a wise soothsayer or a bold spiritual leader?