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What’s your B/S excuse?

We all have thoughts bouncing round about why we can’t do the next spiritual step on our psychic exploration. There’s a whole list here – What’s your B/S excuse for not moving ahead with your psychic development?

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50 ways to raise your vibe fast

Not all of us are cut out for meditation, yet we still want to use our intuition in the best way. If everything else seems more important, or there’s just no time, I have a list of 50 ways to raise your vibration fast.

Psychic Mistakes – I hope you make them

Mistakes. I hope you make many. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re probably not living much of a life. Mistakes are how you know you’re alive.’ You dare, breathe and experiment. Mistakes are hardwired into us as Aussies as the ‘having a go.’

6 reasons to get a psychic reading

6 reasons to get a psychic reading and one good reason when not to. Let’s get the clairvoyant eye on what’s working so you can keep doing it!

Podcast: Keeping it real

Not long ago I was interviewed for A great podcast for the Brilliant Misfits. Are you a brilliant Misfit? You might be if you hang out here!



I’m Denise Litchfield

I’m not your average psychic, unless cake eating, rescue dog loving clairvoyants who can’t cook rice are suddenly the new normal. Like Glinda the Good Witch, I believe you’ve always had the power, m’dear.

I work with savvy, intuitive women who’ve always known they’re a little psychic and to explore that side of themselves without dressing in crushed purple velvet. 

what's your

Psychic Strength?


Psychic Strength?


Are you a visionary, a wise soothsayer or a bold spiritual leader?