Falling Up

a guide for nervous mediums

Written as a total heart project, this tiny book will be your guide as you explore the inner worlds of your soul and then beyond to connect to the world of spirit.

With small stories, hints and gentle encouragement, Falling Up helps you remember that you’ve always had that connection, and how to re-find it again.


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You’re a medium, you talk to dead people. Now what?

If you’ve hit a dead spot in your mediumship reception where spirit messages dwindle to dial up speed, it’s time to charge up the connection and step into your rightful place between the worlds.

Denise Litchfield is a self confessed nervous clairvoyant sharing the missing puzzle piece for shy mediums.


Falling up: A Guide For Nervous Mediums will show you how to:

Create a lasting spiritual connection that is your birthright.
Avoid spiritual loneliness.
Touch your soul and others with your work.
Experience the joy of falling into the arms of the spirit world.

If you love spiritual self help books like The Game of Life and How To Play It, and Outrageous Openness, then you’ll love Falling Up: A Guide For Nervous Mediums.

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I honestly thought I would knock this book over in 20 minutes. It’s short and sweet. But I savoured it.

There was so much depth in the exercises. I felt a true presence I have not felt before.

Uncovering our spiritual side can feel like a lonely process. we’re not sure if we are ‘doing it right’ and what I really enjoyed about this book was the connection I felt to Denise as she shares her stories and tools.

A book I will revisit again and again

- Suzanne Culberg