Want a reading, but not sure what type of reading to have or even how to choose a psychic reader? With so many to choose from and a dazzling array of new age jargon to wade through, it can be daunting.

Picking someone on Facebook might be convenient, but what if they don’t turn out to be the right one for you? And the types of readings can be confusing.  If you’re not sure if you need a psychic or a mediumship reading, there’s two easy answers right here: For help and information about your life, choose a psychic reading. If you want to hear from someone you have lost to the World of Spirit, choose a  mediumship reading.

Psychics work with the living, and mediums work with those who have passed on.

Psychics work with people that are here on earth with us. That includes animals, too. Mediums work in the same way, but they connect with those that have passed, only they seem to be very much alive when we speak with them, and often tell us about things we’re doing right now!




If you go to a medium, you’ll hear them talk alot about those in the Spirit world. Not so much about you, because they want you to be 100% sure it’s for real before a message comes through. A psychic reading, is all about YOU. And who doesn’t like to hear about themselves?

If you’re having a reading and it’s a mediumship reading, (someone who has passed on)  then expect to be hearing a lot about the person in spirit. If you end up just hearing a lot about yourself then it’s probably a psychic reading.


How do you know if they are a psychic or a medium?

The clearest way to tell is by what they are talking about. Do they give information about someone in Spirit with things you can identify? Then they are a medium.

If they talk about you, but say, “The spirit world is saying….” it’s not enough. A medium needs to show who in the spirit world it is and be able to prove it. It could be by the way they looked, their job, funny habits, or even shared memories and gifts. If a medium is doing their job, they will have enough info that you’ll know 100% it’s your favourite Aunt.



How to choose a psychic reader

Finding the right psychic is a little like finding the prefect hairdresser. It’s a personal thing, and even if your best friend raves about one, they may not suit you. Stalk them a while on Facebook. Read their reviews and ask around. Do you like lots of facts, or are you more interested in the future? You can always message them and ask. Price isn’t always a guarantee of a good reading and there are many amazing psychics with moderate fees.


No readings are set in stone.

Psychics can also see a little way into what the future potentials might be and give a heads up based on the current plan, however we all are in charge of our own lives, and the plan can change. Remember you are the only one that can move ahead in your life and the guidance given on a reading is only suggestions.

Now you have the basics, you’ll know how to choose your next reading. Can you have mediumship and psychic reading together? Sure – at least I offer it in my sessions. Choose from a list here and book a reading.




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