Having the gift of psychic hearing, or clairaudience isn’t just for Seashells – your quiz results may be a Seeker, a Sensor or even an untamed Whoopi, but there are still other abilities waiting to develop. (Oh – haven’t done the quiz? Go here to discover what your psychic strength is). So many clients say they also hear the phone ring in the shower, or their name being called when their minds are busy with something else.

This is clairaudience at work!

You don’t have to be a Seashell in the quiz results to have clairaudient ability. After all, clairaudience is just a fancy French word for psychic hearing. Have you ever experienced these things?

Someone calling your name but no one’s there

Hearing talking but it’s too muffled to pick out any words. 

Tones in your ear even after medical checks say nothing’s wrong

Before I realised I was hearing with the ears of my soul, there were times I thought I was going crazy. In fact, I took myself off to the get checked out. I seriously thought I was headed for the loony bin! Now I know hearing my name being called was Spirit communicating and as I learned to be more receptive, I’ve reaped the many benefits Spirit is waiting to give. It took a while because I had to figure out a lot by myself, and now you don’t have to, because you’re on the Very Intuitive Peoples list and I’d love to help.

No one gives us the psychic handbook; don’t you wish they did? But you have the next best thing – access to me, and the quiz. Tons of practical tips crammed into eleven pages there. There are three things to know about clairaudience and I bet you’ve experienced at least one of these:

1. Don’t expect the burning bush

It got the attention of Moses, but don’t expect spectacular Biblical style messages every time. If communication from our higher selves and guides were that obvious the world would be a very different place. Intuition is subtle, learn to tune in and reap the benefits. Your guides are talking you all the time, are you listening?

2. Yes it IS all in your head

Not like that – even though history’s most famous clairaudient, Joan of Arc did get accused of being mad, she DID hear the voice from Spirit telling her what to do. Rarely do we ever hear regular type voice with our human ears – what we call objective clairaudience. It’s far more common to hear with the inner ears, and it usually sound like our own thought-voice. Easy to miss and dismiss unless you become more aware of it.

3. Blink and you’ll miss it

Like all types of intuition, clairaudience is subtle. A lot of the time you might not even realise that small thought to drive home the other way is actually your guides. Only when news of the accident on your regular route arrives do you question it. Mostly clairaudience arrives as a whisper, a feeling thought or even as the background murmur of your own thoughts. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Becoming more clairaudient is like fine tuning into a very distant radio station. We need to get the static go our own mind out of the way, while also building a bigger satellite dish to catch the messages.

That’s why the techniques to raise awareness of our Guides and Higher self is the first thing I teach with private clients on the Psychic Connection Package. They go from doubting abilities and intuition to being able to trust them 100% in 4 weeks. If there’s one thing they discover, is how to connect to their guides and get messages they can use and trust without worrying if it’s imagination or not.

Would you like to trust your intuition right now?

Catch a free online class where I talk about the secret language of intent and how to trust it. Check out Intuition you can trust and get seven tips to know it’s real.


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