The two types of clairaudience – which one do you have?

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If you’ve heard your name called in the shower, only to stand dripping in the hallway with no one was there, that’s clairaudience. Clairaudience is the way psychic messages arrive through hearing and it comes in two ways. Which type of clairaudience do you have?


Why the shower?

As inconvenient as that is, daily no-brainer tasks like brushing teeth and showering require very little mental effort to do, and the mind is free to wander off into daydreams. If you’ve ever had facepalming realisations while shampooing, you’ll know what I mean.

I used to get the best ideas, insights and psychic nuggets ironing but who irons these days? Thankfully there’s an easier way to get intuitive goodies than being chained to domestic chores, but our psychic selves love it when we’re relaxed.


Clairaudience: the first type

Back to the shower, that voice calling your name? You heard with your inner ears. The psychic ones of your soul.  No one was actually intruding in your shower or yelling your name, because you totally looked, right? It was the ears of your soul that heard it, and that’s the first type of clairaudience – we call it subjective because it’s an inner experience that no-one else hears. Subjective clairaudience is just as valid, and we most often hear it as our own thought-voice.


The second kind of clairaudience

While the first type of clairaudience happens inside your head, the other is outside. Joan of Arc heard voices outside her head, speaking to her as we speak, and she heard it with her physical ears.  That got her into trouble; not with the men in the white coats, but with the Church who had a monopoly on who was allowed to talk directly to God, and it certainly wasn’t a teenage peasant girl!

Hearing voices speaking to you out loud is called “objective clairaudience’, and it’s the second kind of clairaudience to have. While it’s snot as common, it’s also very accurate. Those with objective clairaudience give names, addresses and exact, details, and they are all mediums because this type of clairaudience means you’re able to connect to the spirit world. 


It’s 100% accurate

It’s heard with physical ears as if someone is speaking right there and you can repeat every word, with 100% accuracy. There aren’t many 100% clairaudients about right now, and the most recent was Doris Stokes. You can see her work in a series of You Tube videos here. 

 Other clairaudient mediums who gave exact details are amazing kind of detail Gordon Higginson and ex UK postman, Albert Best. The other is far more common, and it’s subjective clairvoyance. It’s where a psychic impression arrives and is converted by the mind into words. 


Real, objective clairaudience is 100% accurate, rare and impressive as hell, and it’s the golden fleece every budding medium sets sail for.


If this is you, well done! If not, welcome to the 99.9% rest of us. We have to work hard and refine our skills and learn to spot where the information is coming. It’s usually the sense we use the most.


Song snippets as clairaudience

Once, in a reading, I heard a song snippet, “Fly like an eagle,” from the Steve Miller Band in my mind:

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I’m free

Right after that, I saw a scene from “The Omen”. I thought I was crackers:  “Uh OH – what’s this spooky movie doing here?” But I’ve learned to accept whatever spirit gives, so I stayed with the symbol of the priest nailed by a falling church spire.


Because I don’t have “spirit ears”, I have to rely on motifs, symbols, and other clues. It’s like a game of charades.


The movie scene suggested that the Lady in Spirit enjoyed good health right up until she was suddenly struck with a heart attack. The client smiled and nodded.  Yes, the lady passed very suddenly with a heart attack and up till then was a very active person with many things on the go before that. Trusting the information that comes is the key, and learning how to interpret messages from the spirit is the training of every medium.


I’m a straight talking, rescue dog loving clairvoyant, and even though I’ve felt the presence of the Spirit World all my life (hello, invisible friend) it took a massive slap upside the head from spirit people for me to realise I was a medium.
Now, when I’m not giving readings, I’m helping budding intuitives like you to get more from their psychic abilities so they can make valuable changes in their lives by listening to their own guidance.
FInd me in Sydney’s inner west, (or online) drinking decaf soy latte and dishing out handy tips on psychic and mediumship development in my real talk emails.

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  1. Kingski

    Hi there, firstly great article, thanks. I’ve had a couple of objective clairaudient experiences. One was 5 years ago when I distinctly heard a man’s voice behind me say ‘hello’ and no on was there-I was in an empty room and it did freak me out a bit although the actual ‘hello’ seemed quite friendly. Then a bit later, I kept hearing knocking in the middle of the night, but not on any doors, just what sounded like knocking but not on any physical object-it’s quite hard to describe but it was definitely external and not internal. So far it’s been random and infrequent occurrences but I would love to learn how to develop this ability if you have any pointers. Thank you.

      • Jane

        Iv had similar experiences i don’t know how to develop this or what to do with it I just know I want to do something I don’t know where to start

        • Denise Litchfield

          Hi Jane, I’m sure the intuition that brought you here will also bring you to the next place.

  2. Elsie jasilek

    Hi, I came across this article after googleing ‘hearing your name being called but no noes there’
    I’ve always been sensitive to noises, almost like the world has always been too noisy, I crave quite places. The last couple of weeks I keep hearing either a high pitched ringing or a noise almost like I’m under water. Well this morning I was very lightly sleeping when I heard someone say my name and wake me up, it sounded very close to my ear, but not a whisper and it was said like they were trying to wake me up. It was a man’s voice and first I thought it was my partner but I got out of bed and realised he had left 2 hours before. I text him anyway to make sure he was okay and he was. It’s not the first time something like that’s happened to me and I was worried that I’m going crazy or something. Any advice would be helpful.
    Thank you. X

  3. samantha carroll

    I had the most interesting experience a few days ago. I have been practicing mediumship once a week for almost 2 years now. I do hear a word every now and then .. in my mind but it’s my voice. I have also heard a voice whisper to me a couple times upon waking up. This time I was awake but just woke up. I was thinking about my errands and which place I was going to first. Then I heard , in my heard a woman say “ hi”. Like she interrupted me and it wasn’t my inner voice! I got kinda nervous and excited .. so I asked , “ who are you ? What is your name?” … I figured why not ask. I waited over 2 minutes and nothing .. so I started thinking of what I was going to but at the grocery store for dinner and stuff .. that I was interrupted again and the woman said Dina! I got goosebumps since it framed me out .. Someone answered me and it wasn’t my voice ( like I usually get when I practice mediumship) . It sounded kind of mechanical though . Very odd and it wasn’t my inner voice.
    I tried to ask who they were , a guide, family , spirit .. waited over 5 minutes and no response . I think I may had been too eager and excited.
    Now I’m assuming this is a form of Clairaudience , but it wasn’t my voice in my head and it wasn’t someone else’s outside my head , it was someone else’s voice that I was hearing inside my head. It was so fascinating and I can’t stop thinking about it. Has that ever happened to you?

    • Denise Litchfield

      Sounds exciting – you made contact – and why not? The Spirit world is intelligent and you’ve been practicing mediumship for a good time. Well done.

  4. Anne

    Can this also be considered a part of psychosis? Meaning when in this state I can hear the voices of spirits within a person like a whisper. When I tried to tell others I was told I am delusional or crazy. So am I? I’m very intuitive but this never happens unless this occurrence happens to me.

  5. Andria

    I believe I belong here. My ears are on . Popping noise so loud it wakes me up with red laser light in the corner of the room. White sparks between my eyes and the top of my head. Had a follower spirit pull my leg in my sleep. Prediction/ dream of childhood friends death. Lots of death predictions.

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Make it stop

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Make it stop

Make it stop

When spiritual growth happens too fast and it feels overwhelming and you just need it to slow down a little bit. You know, like you want it, you're on the spiritual path, you want to grow your psychic skills, your mediumship skills, you want to have all now, now, now,...

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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