Are you clairaudient? Here’s six signs to show you might be:

1. You hear your name being called except no one’s there.

2. There’s whispering or a conversation far off or you just can’t make out the words, especially if you’re just waking up or going to sleep.

3. You think someone in the room said something and when answer them they go, “I didn’t say it, I was thinking it!”

4. You always know the right thing to say.

5. There’s a buzzing or ringing in your ears that comes and goes. Even when medical checks come out fine, it’s still there.

6. Some sounds make you uncomfortable, like high pitches or extra loud noises.

7. Phrases such as, “sounds like,” or, “I hear you”  are part of your language.




Psychic hearing is normal

Using our psychic hearing is a normal  – since we are all psychic. It’s not a special gift given only to a few. It might be a pleasant surprise to know the things you’ve always had are actually part of your sixth sense!

So many talented, psychic people are able to hear with the ears of their soul, but they never figure it’s a big deal because it feels normal. Or maybe you’ve dismissed it long ago because of fear. Maybe you expect clairaudience to be dramatic – happening outside of us, like a big booming voice coming from the sky.

The reality is so much less dramatic. Sometimes its so subtle we miss it. Like all the “clairs”, clairaudience happens inside us mostly – it’s a natural aspect of us humans and it’s part of our soul. When we do experience psychic hearing, it’s often it’s just own thought voice, that little voice that we narrate our lives in. The little chat that always goes on in the background? That can be clairaudience.


Clairaudience is subtle

Like the other psychic senses, clairaudience is subtle. It’s not spectacular and dramatic, which means so many brilliant clairaudient, talented, psychic people could be missing out on accessing more of their ability because they’re expecting a big supernatural event.

They’re expecting the big booming voice coming from nowhere and you know what? You’ll be waiting a long time, it may happen but that’s not usually how it is for most of us.


Explore being more clairaudient

Meanwhile it’s fun to explore psychic hearing, and that’s what lead you to this blog. I hope you have ticked off a few more things confirming your ability and had an “aha” moment around other things you may have never realised were actually part of your natural clairaudience.
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