Hearing voices might be weird at first, and no, you’re not going crazy.  Back in 1426,  Joan of Arc probably did a double take when she heard her voices too. Hearing voices, especially guiding and uplifting ones might be clairaudient. Clairaudience is a fancy French word for “clear hearing” and its one of the many ways we can be psychic.

Just because Joan of Arc is our poster gal for clairaudience, doesn’t mean you have to don the armour and charge at the enemy, you may simply treasure peace and quiet in order to hear yourself think.

If you seek the quiet, to hear yourself think, love music and are the go-to person for anyone’s problems, you might be clairaudient. Your hearing is extra sensitive, and it’s the main way intuitive messages come to you.

Fascinated with my grandfather’s old reel to reel tape player, I quickly learned to thread the old tapes through and start listening. As a teen, I’d record every song the Monkees played on TV  shushing anyone who made a peep.

Later I produced hi-energy aerobic tapes for the whole of Australia to do star jumps to.  I taught myself to mix records and inadvertently became a DJ, sitting for hours in the studio fine tuning a one second edit so it sounded just right.

Now as a trained psychic and medium, all the fine tuning and late studio nights paid off. I can listen on the inside to the guidance, song snippets and phrases sent from my higher self and beyond. But you don’t have to go that far.


Here’s seven signs you might be clairaudient:

1. You hear your name being called except no one’s there.

2. There’s whispering or a conversation far off but it’s hard to make out the words, especially when waking up or going to sleep.

3. You think someone in the room said something and when answer them they go, “I didn’t say it, I was thinking it!”

4. You always know the right thing to say and friends know you listen to them.

5. There’s a buzzing or ringing in your ears that comes and goes. Even when medical checks come out fine, it’s still there.

6. Some sounds make you uncomfortable, like high pitches or extra loud noises.

7. Phrases such as, “sounds like,” or, “I hear you”  are part of your language.

8. You get deeper messages in songs snippet and random overhear speech.




Psychic hearing is normal

Using our psychic hearing is normal, and you don’t have to be born special to develop clairaudience. In fact, it might be a relief to finally know this is you and the ability you’ve always had are actually part of your sixth sense!

So many talented, psychic people are able to hear with the ears of their soul, but they never figure it’s a big deal because it feels normal. Or maybe you’ve dismissed it long ago because of fear. Maybe you expect clairaudience to be dramatic – happening outside of us, like a big booming voice coming from the sky.

The reality is our psychic senses are much less dramatic, so subtle we miss it. Like all the “clairs”, clairaudience happens inside us mostly – it’s a natural aspect of us humans and it’s part of our soul. When we do experience psychic hearing, it’s often it’s just own thought voice, that little voice that we narrate our lives in. The little chat that always goes on in the background? That can be clairaudience.



Clairaudience is subtle

Like the other psychic senses, clairaudience is subtle. It’s not spectacular and dramatic, which means so many brilliant clairaudient, talented, psychic people could be missing out on accessing more of their ability because they’re expecting a big supernatural event.  Expecting the big booming voice from nowhere might have you waiting a while.


Get better clairaudience

It’s fun to explore psychic hearing, and that’s what lead you to this blog. By now,  you’ve ticked off a few more things confirming your ability and had an “aha” moment around other things you may have never realised were actually part of your natural clairaudience. It’s exciting to feel confirmed!

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