10 (No Brainer) Ways to Improve Intuition

A one hour practical online class to demystify clairvoyance and introduce the simple steps to receiving a clairvoyant message. 


Easy to do exercises and games will help switch your clairvoyance on so you can use it every day. 


At the end you’ll have new clairvoyant skills and a message to help your life. 

Come live to this free class ready to work, as there will be no recording sent out.

Connect to the power of inner sight in a natural way – even for beginners. Feel safe about what you will see.

A live interactive group class where we work iwith our clairoyance no matter how inexpereinced you are.


Confidently receive a clairvoyant image as a message to move forward with in your present life.


When: Thursday, July 2nd @ 7:00pm AEST

Where: On Zoom, in your quiet, comfy spot


What time is this for me?  Check HERE

You know how you ‘just know’, but you don’t know how you know, you just know?
I know! I’ll help you know, and also know HOW you know and make it repeatable, so you know for sure.
Clairvoyance is my strongest psychic ability, and I’ll help you trust what you see with your inner eyes, and use it to help others and yourself.