Clairvoyant AF

Clairvoyant AF

On demand clairvoyance skills for psychics, healers and mediums. May your clairvoyance never be the same after this.


This isn’t clairvoyance like Mum used to make.

Clairvoyant AF might just bust your brain in the best possible way. It’s the breath of fresh air and common sense you’ve been looking for.

You know how I teach:

* Fluff free

* Handing back your power while smashing crystal ceilings, New Age fear and the patriarchy.

What if clairvoyance was stunningly simple, obvious and never meant to be this hard?

What if the gob-smacking epiphanies of how your clairvoyance works got proved in the class?

It’s waiting for you.

We’re gonna flip tables if….

  • You wanna bust clairvoyance into the next level of details and accuracy in spiritual work.

  • You’re always interested in new approaches

  • You secretly KNOW there’s more than symbology and metaphor when it comes to clairvoyance.

  • You wanna try something weird and face palmingly obvious.

ready to get clairvoyant AF?

ready to get clairvoyant AF?

On demand mini course.



Sometimes the most rebellious thing to do is listen to your intuition.

This goes double if you’ve ever been silenced, gaslit or made to feel small about the sacred hunches and nudges you got.

It’s time to take back the power.

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Get all that in Psychic AF with messages from your intuition on the day.

As well as new skills for keeping the magic going after the call.


A way to continue the work in a longer course, if that tickles you.


your Psychic AF host

Denise Litchfield

Thank God I’m not your average fluffy love’n’light psychic, and going through a specially salty part of my own journey where I’m seeing all the places I gave my power away and ignored my intuition.

Yes, that first marriage really did suck.

I should have listened to my intuition, because I teach this for a living. But I’m also human.

So I made this class to women in their healing journey remember their psychic parts and dial that up 110%.

Because there’s nothing more powerful than a woman who acts on her intuition.

Find me kissing all the dogs, getting fancy coffee in reusable cups and trying not to fall in bouldering gyms.