Explore the connection to your soul,
guides and intuition

Grow your psychic gifts in a way that feels authentic. Be confident with confirmed results.

ready to move beyond basics? build an intuitive strength to trust every time. 

THE psychic connection package is your next spiritual step.


Get the “secret sauce” empowerment process to fast track spiritual growth. Unfold the intuition you already have and the gifts waiting to be born.


Never wonder if you’re making it up again. Discover the feeling of true insight and create a reliable system of confirmation so you’ll know every time.


Raise your psychic sensitivity for more info, more often. A small group brings confidence by practicing together – see “yes’s” come quick and fast.

What if you really are psychic, and the messages

are real?  Who would you be then?

doubt, overwhelm and overthinking are the enemies of intuition.  Worrying if it’s made up or people will think you’re weird is normal. But how to keep from feeling everyone else’s feels and stay balanced?

fraud syndrome

Congratulations – you wouldn’t be a psychic unless the thought entered your head at least once. It proves you care and bring integrity to the work.

Doubting insights

Learn a fool proof method of checking insights and a way to correct them. Not even the best psychics are 100% accurate. The pressure is off, but we aim for 95.



Taking on everyone else’s emotions and feeling out of touch with yours.  Finally be in charge of your own energy – not the other way round.

I’m Denise litchfield

I began my psychic training at  age 11 after i got  tarot cards and a ouija board for christmas. A lot has changed since then, but I’m dedicated to helping savvy intuitive women zoom ahead on their psychic growth in a way that suits them  –  without wearing crushed purple velvet.

Over $720 worth of training for $369


Access your soul’s wisdom  This is the core part of our work and where practise pays off. See the results in every day life as well as group calls where exercises     and games confirm your ability.

Unfold clairvoyance and clairaudience. Specific processes tap into deeper aspects of insight in ways that could surprise you! Never thought you could see an aura, or have x-ray vision? You will soon.

Become energetically stable, protected and strong.  It’s wonderful to be intuitive but we still have to take out the garbage and feed the cat. Set your rules for energy and decide who, how and when.


I loved having someone who trusts us in spite of us not trusting ourselves. It was invaluable! Denise really had our backs. I feel like I’m ready to fly and I’ve found the right teacher, at the right time.

Tamsin Young

I wasn’t really believing in my messages 100%. Now I’m more confident and comfortable with my gifts. The Package  helped me recognise where I’m at spiritually. I’ve come out with more trust in myself.

Stacey Grant

I worked through a big fear around being seen as psychic. I got help in our sessions to integrate slowly and kindly. I recognised how I receive my insights and messages- that  was a huge progression for me!

Karen Riley

 what’s inside the package:

On Enrolment

 Download and begin. No need to wait – start accessing your soul wisdom straight away. Join the private Facebook group for even more resources and be welcomed by graduates happy to share their experience.

First Group Call

Experience soul energy and how to send it places. The empowerment process gets a test drive and we see how our daily practice pays off. Discover two methods of gaining insight and learn to see an aura using both ways. Have all your burning questions answered in the Q&A.

Second Group Call

X-ray vision and clairaudience:  Get the first taste of spiritual seeing and evidence of clairaudience you can hear and feel. If you’ve doubted before, this exercise will be an eye opener. Lots of time for Q&A too.

Third Group Call

Consistency, discernement and the message. By now you’ve created a strong link with your own energy field, can sense yours and other’s energy and know the difference.

This week we learn to handle the “no’s” and be able to find a message even when there does not seem to be one. We congratulate ourselves on our fine energy boundaries by knowng how to open and close when it suits us, not the other way round.

Fourth Group Call

Go even deeper into your psychic connection with an added empowerment process to connect you to your guides. Discover how to recognise their presence and learn to read energy from photos.  Define who you will be as an intuitive.

BUT WAIT  – THERE’s more

Mystery package:  Real mail in the post.  Use the contents for the second training call, and sneak up on insights.

Access to over 15 psychic training videos: There’s so much to cover I made vidoes instead. Just about anything you want to know is in the video vault.

An extra process to connect with your guides:  Forget the passive ride on a unicorn to get a bauble. Feel the presence of your guides and know it’s real.

Boost your intuition to the next level

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At 11:30 am Sydney AEDT (daylight savings time)
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Download content straight away


Is this a group program?

There’s the best of both worlds here – the full attention of one on one mentoring plus the fun of training in a group boosting skills together. There will only ever be a small numbers of people in the package at a time, and as a graduate, you’re welcome to stay and hang out on any future calls.



I’ve been working on my intuition for a while – doing reiki, angel cards and trying to tap into my higher self, will this package help?

There’s special exercises and activations to enhance and build your ability. There’s the private group and access to me to bounce anything off. It’s one thing to work solo or online, and another to have the 100% attention of a mentor who is only a message or email away.



I don’t live in Australia, will the group calls work for me

While the timing of group calls can’t suit everyone, there is always a recording. I’ve found that by scheduling calls between 11 and 1pm, Sydney most time zones can be reached. Best to check those times with your location though.



I’ve never exercised my intuition before, only started to realise there might be something. Because when I’m on client calls there’s this weird flow..can you help me tune into that?

Yes it sure can!



I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Why not sleep on it? In the morning you’ll know if it’s your soul desire or not.



I’m really overwhelmed right now with very little time to myself – How much homework and interaction in the group is expected??

Little time to yourself sucks, and the Psychic Connection Package is all about gifting the time for spiritual and psychic development. If it feels like a chore, or you can’t devote at least 30 minutes a day, this may not be the right time.



What happens when I enrol and pay?

You will receive a welcome email with your first downloads to begin right away. You’ll be added to the private group to meet everyone, introduce yourself and check out even more resources.
After that, there are regular emails with extra training and links for booking the private sessions.



Is there a payment plan?

Sure – however it has a $31 admin fee. We’ll need a $200 non refundable deposit paid before the Package starts and two more payments of $100 paid within 48 hours of invoicing.

Access to book the private mentoting training happens after payment number two. Defaulting or late payments might limit access to group calls and private mentoring.



Do you have a cancellation policy?

I fully stand behind the processes and mentoring I offer, and truly believe it will change the way you receive energy, Spirit and insights from your guides. I want you to feel confident moving ahead.

As long as you’re prepared to commit to your intuitive growth and set aside 30 minutes a day to unfold your ability, there will be immense value from the Psychic Connection Package.

Even so, if you feel the Package isn’t for you within 7 days of purchase and have not taken up a private mentoring session, there is a full no questions asked refund minus $35 for admin and downloadables.

If a refund is requested after a mentorship session, please provide your development journal with evidence of daily participation and any other relevant materials to qualify for a 50% refund.

Please note that ‘change of mind’ refunds are not permitted according to Australian Consumer Law. We ask that participation in the program is demonstrated before requesting a refund.

Send requests here within 30 days of the course purchase date to be eligible.





Before doing the Psychic Connection Package I wasn’t really convinced that I had much of a psychic connection to develop! But Denise has such a down to earth vibe and I love how no nonsense she is that I felt called to give the package a try.

I’ve opened up my gifts and learned concrete strategies to keep exploring and playing, but in my own way and in my own timeline, which feels so fantastic.

I have even started offering intuitive sessions as part of my business, selling out my first round of sessions! If I could do this program all over again, I would in a heartbeat. I am just waiting for a “graduate program” to come next.

Karen Gunton


At 11:30 am Sydney AEST
Pay with Paypal
Download content straight away

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