Ewww – What a thought!

But it’s true – we our psychic senses CAN get blocked. Especially when there’s so much to do and our minds are racing from one thing to another . Next minute it seems our Guides have gone on radio silence. Nothing.


Imagine this:

– you want to explore your psychic senses, so you:
– buy 10 oracle card decks because you want them aaalllllll
– while you’re there get 10 crystals
– consult the cards for an answer
– doubt the answer
– grab the next deck because it might be the deck that’s wrong
– chant a bit to clear the energy
– ask identical question in three Psychic Facebook groups
– get 20 answers that don’t say anything plus one super annoying one
– read a ton of blogposts on how to get the right psychic answer
– contemplate asking Mum
– block the spammer pushing an overpriced “get psychic” course
– decide to give up
–  text other friends to see what they say
– wear out your eyeballs searching for feathers on the street that might be signs
– watch 3 hours of videos teaching pointless crap that sounds like everybody else
– think about asking your Mum again
– compare your psychic gifts to everyone else and feel inferior
– swear you’ll never compare yourself to others again
–  try one more time to get an answer, but now you’re really out of “the zone”
–  consider parting with big bucks booking a reading from someone famous




Hangout on this masterclass and have all your psychic dreams come true. OK – maybe not all your psychic dreams, but 3 easy low impact tools to finally UNBLOCK your intuition and get it flowing again.


* Get the how-to’s on confirming your messages
* Boost psychic confidence
* Dodge overthinking and being ‘in your head’


DATE: July 6th
TIME: 11:30am
WHERE: your comfy spot online
REPLAY: yes – for everyone registered


Grab your spot: https://deniselitchfield.com/masterclass/