“I just need to do one more course. Just one more. Then I’ll be a confident and fabulous psychic reader or healer. I’ll be ready . I’ll just get a certificate in this (insert name of thing) and then I’ll be ready. Ohh – what about this course as well?” Sound like you?


Do you hear yourself say this all the time?

Studying and improving toward self mastery is very important. So is following your passion. When I first started on my spiritual path I wanted to do alllll the courses. Maybe I did do them all, I felt I was always studying. I have a wall full of certificates to prove it.

But sometimes doing an extra course might be an inner fear that wants to keep us safe as a student. A way to be safe from that a niggling feeling deep down of not being good enough. Or even a way to keep safe from failure. If you’re always not ready, you can’t fail, right?



There’s two things going on here.

Qualifications are important for mastery and inner support. Inner support is knowing your stuff. Feeling confident and aligned with a greater message – your greater message. It’s that confirming feeling you’re finally doing the thing you’ve been put on the earth to do. When those certificates are hung on the wall, there’s a feeling of strength in what you’re doing.

But there’s a special place of procrastination here as well. The eternal hamster wheel of perpetual study. You can spend the extra time and money on all the courses and qualifications and be forever stuck on that treadmill of not being ready.


Are you ‘procrasti-coursing’?

This is where you listen out for your inner voice, the one that knows deep down. It speaks in statements and when it does, the whole body knows it too. Let the inner voice answer these questions:

  • How good do I feel now about my subject?
  • Do I feel ready to start even in a small way?

And your inner voice will no doubt shout YES!  When it says yes, your soul gives you permission to start with what you have, and if its psychic readings, you will probably have lots of willing guinea pig to practice on with friends.


Get External support

OK! So you have the psychic skills to practice readings and your inner voice says YES. Its time to team that up with the external support comes that comes from your tribe. Those are the people who just “get you”. We all need our tribe. A safe place where we can learn as well as experiment with things and practice our skills. There are the ones cheering you on, believe in you and pick you up when you stumble.

We all need a tribe, and if you need a place like that for your psychic journey, The Psychic Playground Facebook group is your tribe. We have a place to practice reading on Sundays and with lots of resources to help you on your development journey.


How can you implement what you’ve already learnt?

If you’re like me, there’s probably a hard drive full of training videos, notebooks and recordings to go back on. Before reaching for another course, why not review what’s already under your belt and see it with fresh eyes? It’s not just about learning but how we use the info that matters.

And for a psychic reader that means putting together a reading for others. The why way we’ll improve is by playing with our skills and practice. We’re also human, so if you[re holding back because of an idea that you need to know everything and have all the right answers before stepping out as a psychic for others, I have good news:

You’re psychic but you’re also human. Your role is not to know everything about everything right away. Your role as a psychic is to deliver the information that you do know, when you know it and do that to the best of your ability.


when you do 100 more course to feel ready



Start now with what you have

When you catch yourself next thinking of joining another course, just ask yourself this question first: Do I need inner support or outer support to gain more confidence?

We talked about inner support to boost your confidence and get that feeling of “yes! I can do this!” straight away, and I have a free resource to help you with that. It’s a 16 minute subliminal affirmation recording to melt away all the doubt while you listen to calming ocean sounds. Download the affirmations here.

For external support jump into the Psychic Playground and hit us with your biggest hurdles. You’ll find tons of people in there ready to support you and love you just for you. You’ll be ready to shine as the psychic you’re destined to be in no time, AND Save money and time as well.







YAAS! Booklet heading you way!