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I pour my heart and soul (and a little dog hair) into the #realtalk newsletters and I hope we are a good match. But if I’m not making your life one big glitter toss, then feel free to break up with me. It won’t be awks – promise.

What next?

Names mean nothing

Names mean nothing

Sure, it’s cool to get a name in a reading, and I love it when it happens, but in mediumship, the important bit is the CONTEXT the name is in.

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Demonic or just annoying?

Demonic or just annoying?

Ever labelled a person evil or demonic because there's just something about them you don't mesh with? I know you have because I have too. I've leapt to a convenient spiritual reason for my discomfort, preferring to focus on them. The old idea of "attachments" comes in...

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