In a previous life not so long ago, I was a DJ producing music for aerobic bunnies in bright leotards to jump up and down to. It was a fun job where I played music all day buying all the records I wanted. Recently I was seeing another DJ only it was excruciating.

He was mixing two songs and fiddling and adjusting and using so much effort.

Not like the DJ’s  I admired. Songs slid together like zippers. Like butter – like a meditation. I remembered how it was when I mixed like that.


When it goes well, nothing else exists.

When it’s going well, there’s nothing but the beat and the sound and the harmony. Nothing else exists, just like psychic readings. When we read for someone, and we’re in the zone, everything else fades away. The room, the outside noise, sometimes even the client – when a reading is going well, its just you and the info.

Sliding the two songs together is marrying psychic info as it arrives into your awareness and delivered seamlessly to the person waiting. We line up the vibrations so they work together. There’s no clash of keys or a sound out of place.



Nothing clashes

When we’re in flow, everything lines up naturally. There’s divine timing. There’s perfect placement of psychic information as if there’s an unseen hand guiding it, and often there is.

Things said just at the right time and if you just allow the process to fall naturally and if we can relax enough so our reading focuses only on our person, it becomes harmonious automatically. It’s a far cry from that time as beginners where we were worried about  what they’re going to think, and am I getting it right and how does it look.



Start right now

If effortless seems a long way off for you, it’s easy to start now with what you have. If you allow your focus to be only on the connection, to link to  the subtle music your soul’s ear is attuning to, the rest of the world will fall away till it’s only you and the sound.

Everything else will drop away and the world will stop. That’s when flow happens and it’s the essence of a great reading. It’s where we all aim in a great psychic reading. We polish our psychic skills to get to that place where nothing else exists but us and the music.


Get confident

If you can let everything else fall away, the expectation of the client, your own fears, the worry of what to say next and if you’ll get it right, the whole things becomes so much more enjoyable and seamless. And that’s what I want. I want reading to be easy for you. I want things to flow and the client to say, “wow”, and tell all their friends.

Who knew a DJ could inspire us to be better Psychic Readers?  Going into alignment with your psychic energy can be done easily when we know how. If you’d like some one on one pointers to polish up your flow, I have a special session just for psychic readers. Where ever you are in your practiced, it’s good to get a tune up now and then. Bounce off the biggest challenges to your sessions. Getting names and dates? I’ll share a tip on how to get them easier.

Got demanding client that wont take no? I’ll show you how to get more respect. Just want to get better info and more of it? I’ll show you how to tell a story with your readings instead of offering scattered fragments the client has to stitch together. Book a Confident Reader session here.




YAAS! Booklet heading you way!