Is it a download? It’s a new word coined to mean that perfect moment of understandings. An epiphany of spiritual message that forever changes our view on life. We all want them. It’s why we t

ravel the spiritual path; for the downloads, for the big ‘aha’s” and epiphanies; for spiritual and personal growth.

Should downloads be hard?

The truth is: NO!  When we work with intuition, it’s like a muscle. We stretch and strengthen our senses to spot finer and finer messages. If it hurts, it isn’t a download.

You might say we are training for a psychic six pack. As a beginner, we may only start with a two pack, so it’s normal to get mixed messages.


Remember the first time you went to the gym.

All those machines! And how 10 pounds felt like a ton. But after a while, and a bit of sweat, you got the hang and soon the sets were longer and the miles ridden on the bike clocked up.

Eventually you learned to balance yourself and gained in stamina and strength, able to move around every machine and know exactly where you were heading. Same with intuition. While we’re learning, everything looks the same as far as a message goes and its difficult to tell what is generated by our imagination and what arrives from outside us as insight from Spirit and our guides. It’s normal to get the signals messed up every now and then.

How to tell if your intuitive download is the real deal:

Downloads are not dramatic and they don’t hurt! There is a wonderful feeling when that big “aha”moment arrives. It’s confirmed by a positive feeling in the body. Downloads happen at a soul level, and should not have unpleasant side effects. 

A download is pleasurable.

There’s a difference between an expansive moment of of soul growth, and the less yummy  feelings of release and healing as we let go of old patterns. Processing emotional energy is also wonderful soul growth and we can’t move ahead without it, but that isn’t a download.

Anything causing a feeling of shrinking, fear, or retracting instead of expanding is energy decluttering. It’s not a download.

Physical symptoms are a release, not a download

Processing is hard! Like a good old throw out, it’s essential. We need to let go of so our soul can grow.

Congratulate yourself for the work you are doing, releasing and making even more room for the light of your beautiful soul to shine through. Know that when the real download comes, you’ll now be able to spot it and work with it even faster.

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