I hate to break it to you, but as far as ghosts go, there’s no such thing as earthbound spirits – ones who can’t go to the Light. I used to believe they got stuck too, I even did sessions about it, but now I know better.

Everybody goes to the Light

Even really horrible people. They still go. No one gets left behind. Because we’re all spirit, we all belong to the great spirit so how could any of us ever get left behind? It’s like leaving an arm behind or a toe. It doesn’t even make sense.

So while the idea of earthbound is popular in some fear based cultures, I  invite you to consider that the “Big U” has a plan. And that plan is big. It’s also perfect, and that mean no one gets left behind, and they certainly don’t need a mere human to meddle in the Divine Plan.

Doesn’t that feel better? Wouldn’t you hate to think that your loved one was stuck somewhere? That would be awful. While a spirit can come back and be with us and make themselves known by rattling, knocking, moving things, they’re not stuck.


The Ghost in the Swimming Pool

A public swimming pool was haunted. It had ghostly things happening. Doors were slamming and lockers were banging and all sorts of things were going on this public swimming pool. They brought in a medium to see what the story was. This medium was well trained and knew that we all go to the Spirit world and no one gets stuck so she tuned into the Spirit person who was there.

>Turns out that the spirit was actually a young boy that was drowned in a swimming pool. He’d come to try and let people know the way they were running the pool was going lead to an accident. Because he died in a public pool, he chose to return from the Spirit world to warn the employees to pay closer attention to the children.

When they investigated they found the teenage boys supervising the pool, were actually in the adult section watching the girls and ignoring the kiddie pool. It was an accident waiting to happen. And when this medium communicated to the spirit and found out what the story was and relayed the information, the people that ran the pool were able to make sure that the little kiddies stayed safe.



Spirits can’t be earthbound

The only earthbounds are us! Until we go to the Spirit world we are the ones who are stuck. Spirits return because they want to help, or send a message of love. It’s our job to figure what and once we realise that, there’s no reason to be scared.


Still not convinced?

Congratulations! You might be a medium. Thats what a medium is – someone who can be “in the middle” between this world and the next and pass messages on. This is a beautiful gift, and if you’re still seeing Spirit, perhaps it’s their way of letting you know you have this ability. I love helping new mediums discover their gift – if this feels like you, comment below and share your story.

If you’re ready to learn how to contact the Spirit and bring though messages for others, without all the fear based stuff that keeps you small,  I have a bundle of mentoring sessions available. Take up three mediumship training sessions for $499.



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