10 (No Brainer) Ways to Improve Intuition

Mediumship made easy is four weeks of fluff free online training introducing a gobsmackingly easy way of connecting with the Spirit World.


Not a card, crystal, guide or chakra in sight.

Build confidence in your ability to connect and by the end of four weeks, you will KNOW you can do this.

Using nothing but the sheer awesomeness of your own soul and its natural ability to tune into the unseen world.

You’ll learn a simple structure based on YOUR style and work to your natural abilities without stuffy rules or outsourcing to spiritual hierarchies (ie: guides and angels)

Expand on what you get, tell a story and touch hearts. Never be stuck on what to say next.

Feel totally naked, vulnerable and butt clenchingly real while doing it.

Connect in a breath knowing the Spirit World is a thought away – no fancy rituals, cards or props needed.

Class held at two times: 10am or 7pm, AEST Sydney time. Choose the time that suits you.

All calls are recorded and available to rewatch in the Facebook group.

Special pop up Facebook group for support and questions between calls.

Completion of this course qualifies as a prerequisite to apply for Soul Squad Membership.


Four Tuesday mornings at 10am, from September 6th


Four Wednesday evenings at 7 pm, from September 7th

AEST Sydney time


Investment for Mediumship Made Easy


If you’re ready to get out of the comfy chair and implement the feelings, hunches and theory heavy courses already done, I’m ready to work with you. 
With a passion for mediumship, I work in Spiritual Churches all around Sydney, bringing evidence that love never dies.

Rebelling against old ideas that take our power away, my aim is to return the naturalness to mediumship and make it refreshingly accessible to all.