10 (No Brainer) Ways to Improve Intuition

A hands on practical online workshop over two weeks introducing the fundamentals of effective contact with the Spirit World.


Learn a simple structure for a mediumship reading, how to expand on the messages, tell a story, and stay in the flow.


Turn it on and off at will, so that you’ll always be in touch and never overwhelmed by your mediumship.


This isn’t a course to passively watch – we’ll be working actively with the Spirit World to build your mediumship. Because of this, the class won’t be recorded and is limited to 18 live participants.


Price for both 90 minute calls


Feel confident about your mediumship skills, trust what you get and take the scary out.

Keep the flow going, so you can tell a story and bring your spirit person to life.


Connect in a breath knowing the Spirit world is a thought away – no fancy rituals or props needed.



When: Friday, April 17th @10am AEST,
Friday April 24th @10am


Where: online using Zoom, in your quiet comfy spot

What time is this for me?  Check HERE


Price for both 90 minute calls


I work with savvy, intuitive women who already know they’re psychic and are ready to work with it. 
With a passion for mediumship, I work in Spiritual Churches all around Sydney, bringing evidence that love never dies.

I regularly mythbust old ideas that keep us separate from our spirit friends and aim to make it refreshingly accessible to all.