Being an empath doesn’t have to be hard work, In fact, I believe empaths are just really big feelers or clair sentients who haven’t learned to harness their huge talents yet. Like those big feels. Those big, overwhelming, bringing you to the edge of exhaustion and complete drain kind of feels. There’s one simple skill you’re gonna need to kick overwhelm forever:

Empaths, or clairsentients are usually really popular, they are great at giving people space to download their problems, because they listen so well and identify with exactly how the other person feels.





Empaths are good to have around

Our bosses love them because they are great workers! Bosses know they can give them extra stuff to do because they won’t say no. An empath usually remembers birthdays and knows when to check in with friends because they just know something’s not right. Thats great for everyone else, but how does it stop a super-soaker empath from feeling overwhelmed?



The one skill you need as an empath:

If you’re an empath hiding under the doona and saying no to social engagements, I know exactly how you feel because I did that too. That is until I learnt how to manage my energy. Now, when I feel a big wave of energy coming, I stop and ask the most important question:

Is this mine?

You may not get this 100% right every single time because you are used to identifying everything out there as your own energy, but it WILL come with practice.


Not every ‘feel’ is yours!

The secret is  just knowing where the source of the “feels” comes from  Does it belong to you , or is it actually someone else’s energy and you’re picking it up second hand?  With this magic question, “is it mine?” you’ll be instantly able to spot whether it legitimately belongs to you, or not.

Once you pick up the source of where those waves of feelings come from, you have a failsafe way to manage your energy.

Empaths are clairsentient people whose energy is out of control. Harness it and you won’t have to be wondering anymore whether what you’re feeling is really yours or someone else’s.


Find your Golidlocks zone as an empath

Every empath dreams of finding that Goldilocks zone of clairsentience with no overwhelm, while not blocking anything else out either. To find just the right spot to use your huge clairsentient skills and enjoy it, I have a 30 minute session you can book called, Hey You Must Be Psychic.

In these sessions, I help you find that perfect version of your energy field so you don’t have to feel that overwhelm anymore. Click the link to find out more, so that you can be the super sensitive person you are, without the other stuff getting in the way.



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