Remember the Karate Kid?

Boy learns to protect himself against bullies? He arrived at his first class expecting to Karate chop enemies the first day but ends up polishing a car instead.

Life’s like that. Big lessons aren’t learned overnight and to keep from getting pummelled, there’s always some kind of “wax on, wax off” to do.



Instead of cars, psychics polish their energy.

It’s hard work and not as sexy as seeing auras or past lives, until there’s trouble, and the energy bullies are looking at YOU to beat up in the schoolyard.

I knew someone like that. Only his bullies weren’t people, they were weak energetic boundaries, no training and a vivid imagination. He was a real mess – entities, spooky things going on in his house, interrupted sleep, you name it….

But when I checked his aura, there were no entities, just an out of control imagination  and a wide eyed belief in all things scary.

At a local psychic fair he discovered how to use a pendulum for “yes and no” answers. Being at a vulnerable point in his life, he was hooked – using the pendulum to decide what to have for breakfast.


Then it got worse.

He saw entities everywhere, entering his body and telling him things in his mind. Being a non meditator with no idea how to ground himself, or recognise what was spirit and what wasn’t, fear got the better of him and he spiralled out of control.

Coupled with ten cans of red bull and a housemate into the paranormal, he had a psychic opening alright, but his energy system wasn’t strong enough to hold and it collapsed.

It was the equivalent to lifting a 100 pound weight at the gym when you’re used to working with 30. Someone’s gonna get hurt.

By this time, his mind was so frazzled he could barely concentrate, and it took an hour till he was calm enough to realise MAYBE he was the one causing physical disturbances in the house – not spooks. And MAYBE his ungrounded energy was the cause.


That’s not half as exciting as negative entities wanting to eat your brain.

Even less exciting to know there were no spooks, just an addiction to seeking external answers, and giving his power away. It took a while, but now he has a grab bag of grounding techniques to call on and is working to raise his vibration.

Like the Karate Kid, he’s learning the basics to keep his aura in good condition. The exercises are like a  “wax on, wax off” method that support his new psychic abilities and work to enable, not disable him.


He’s learning what his own energy feels like so he easily spots what’s his and what isn’t. He’s getting to know what being grounded feels like in HIS body – and that he’s taking his power back from the energy bullies.

That moment when the Karate Kid stands on the boat with his teacher, Mr. Miyagi, to master his energetic Karate is when he discovers how powerful he really is. And that moment will come for my client as he retrieves his energy and keeps it stable and useable.

The basics of anything new are never as exciting as the later lessons, but they’re worth it to avoid getting a beating later on – by the universe or by your own imagination going out of control. One thing about the spiritual path: as soon as one lesson is learned, the next one comes along.


If you’ve ever had your boundaries bullied, I have a tool for you:

It’s an affirmation I say most days. It’s on my phone as an alert that pops up every day, and it’s so powerful I give it to every client. Now I want you to have it.

I remember when I felt as overwhelmed by energy and out of control as the guy above, and I had to work out ways to take my power back. This is one way and it works like magic. Ready? Repeat after me:


My power is my own. I choose who I give it to. People respect my energy and they respect me.


Say it every day. Say it till it’s true, and say it when there’s energy bullies around, and you wont be thier target.

My power download



YAAS! Booklet heading you way!