You might have seen my recent video – I talked about getting a new Egyptian spirit guide. I get so sad seeing beautiful people doubting the presence of their guides because they think they have to have someone famous in order to “qualify”.

If they do that, they could miss out on all the loving inspiration their guides have to offer. One of the most famous mediums of the last century had a 19th Century newspaper boy as a guide. Mickey’s cheerful manner was invaluable in bringing messages through for those who came for sessions. You can hear his actual voice here: 

Another very famous person in mediumship, Gordon Higginson, had two very ordinary guides – one was an oriental gentleman he christened Choo Chow, and a little black girl named “Cuckoo”. They had very simple names because Gordon met them as a child. The little girl spirit guide played echo games with him, so she became “Cuckoo” . Listen to Gordon bringing through his guides here.

In each case, it was the person who named the guide, not the other way round. There’s many other examples of guides either giving a name to be known by, or accepting a name given to them. It suggests the guides aren’t as attached to names and identities as we are.


Know your guides by their energy.

Thats a whole lot more confirmation than seeing them, or depending on a name. In the world of psychic developemt, we learn to trust our feelings first, over images we see. Unless we are really observant, our mind loves to create images for us. It’s what it does, so the old saying ‘seeing is believing’ does not really support us here.


Does a spirit guides energy feel different than a loved one in Spirit?

Yes it does. A guide’s energy will feel strong. There’s often a wave of love and deep compassion accompanying the arrival of a Spirit Guide, and again, it may not be visual. It will feel strong. Much stronger than the presence of a loved one, which could be quite faint.

Loved ones in Spirit haven’t had the practice to turing up in ur world as much as Spirit guides. It’s the feel, and even the Bible talks about it when they say, “By their fruits you will know them,” and that’s a great hint because it means you will know them by their energy; you will know them by their actions.


Your spirit guide isn’t famous

One of the first things to go when we reach the next world is our ego. After a while in the spirit world, we lose all desire of fame or accolades because the real work is helping. Helping ourselves, and helping others. Why do you think spirit guides come to hang out with us? That a lot of selfless service right there.


How to know your Spirit guide

Set aside time to get to know them. Meditation is like picking up the phone to them. Send out an invitation for them to come close, then make your energy as receptive as possible. Notice when you feel a presence. If the air shifts or the atmosphere changes.

Don’t worry, you will feel it!

Spirit guides feel really strong, that’s their higher energy and they also feel super loving. The second way to know them is by the information they give.

Whether or not you’ve got a famous spirit guide, it doesn’t really matter, it’s what they do for you, the information they give and how it uplifts and inspires your life. Not if they had a famous life.


How to connect to your Spirit Guide

Isn’t that a relief knowing your guide doesn’t have to be famous? They’re always there and communicating with you.

All we need to do is raise our perceptions to ‘meet’ them. We do this by working on our energy field, expanding our aura to attune to their wavelength, Think of it like dialling into a new radio station.

Wanna give it a go? I’ve created an audio journey specially designed to connect with their vibrations. It isn’t the usual one, so be prepared to work. You can also listen to a bit before hand to see if it feels right. Listen to a bit here.



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