Psychic development….. I know, right? Why can’t we just fast track and do the two-day course, get our certificate and hang our psychic shingle out and start making money?


Psychic work is an art.

When it comes to spirit mediumship and psychic ability, we spend a lot of time being lumps of coal before we can sparkle like diamonds. It’s a skill that is developed over time. And sometimes it can take a lifetime. Not what you wanted to hear, is it?

Doing courses will certainly start you off on the right footing but it’s only the first step towards discovering the depths of your soul.

Imagine a lump of coal being turned into a sparkling diamond. We will spend a lot of time being that lump of coal. Or if you have worked with me before, you’ll be familiar with the phrase, psychic potato.



The days you feel like nothing’s happening.

That is also a reality. That’s the time to work on ourselves. Great readers and healers spend a lot of time working on themselves. When you develop psychically you will notice that you grow in spurts. Sometimes it will take the rest of you to catch with your development.

You will have times when you are learning and you feel like you’re flying and it’s great and then it comes to a screeching halt.

This is when the rest of you is catching up, so don’t panic. This is when your experience, your growth, and your learning are integrating with you. This is normal and it happens to all psychics. Don’t think that you’ve lost “it”. Also, don’t let those periods of integrating put you off and derail you from your path.

That’s another reason why it’s good to go slower with your development. Giving you time to absorb and integrate all the new experiences will help you transform from that lump of coal into that diamond you want to be. Slow, steady progress is the way to go to avoid burn out.



Psychic work works on your nervous system.

Our physical bodies are the carrier for those invisible and unseen energies we use to tap into our clients. Specifically our nervous system, and it can be taxing. We need to build up slowly, like a runner for the marathon.

We want this work to be sustainable for us and slow burning, so we practice being lumps of coal. We don’t want to burn hard and fast and fizz out quickly.

Have you seen those psychic that fizz out? Burn out in the psychic industry is real. I don’t’ want you to be one of those psychics that burns out.



Is there a fast track to psychic ability?

Annoyingly the answer is yes. And no.

Rather think of it in a way that there is a way to stay in this field and last. Longevity is in the sustainable way you are working. That’s why you will be that lump of coal for a while. And it’s OK to be that. Give yourself enough time to turn into that beautiful diamond that you are.

If you are happy to be that lump of coal while you are developing your psychic abilities in a sustainable way, join us in the Psychic Playground Facebook group or have a look at my course, the Psychic Connection package.





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