Think of the standard psychic. Go ahead. Close your eyes and imagine her. I bet she’s generously proportioned. Does that mean being psychic makes you fat?

If my inner six year old had her way – yes.

She pops out when everything gets too much. When the day collapses into a three ring shit show.

Luckily I’m too busy channeling my inner everything else for her to get much air time but when she does, she is grumpy and stubborn and knows how to fix it. She hits the sundae shop. The place with comfy padded booths to sulk over an igloo of ice-cream drowned it in warm caramel, till things slide back into focus.

As a psychic and empath, its even easier for life to blow you a broadside, and suddenly everything tips over, tiny wheels spinning in the air. Feeling deeply, I tune into everything around me, soaking up whatever is going on. My sixth, seventh and eighth senses work overtime.

That’s when my sulky six year old takes over. But it’s not ideal. I don’t want to be a 2 scoops of Belgian Vanilla and a pint of hot caramel into it before I see straight again.

For good psychic self care, I needed a new system.


I discovered what lay underneath the feelings of frustration and isolation I had with the world when my inner GPS went offline. Under that was a deeper sense of violation – NO!! My six year old self wanted to scream, ‘That’s not how the world is!”

She felt betrayed by the world, and vulnerable in it’s random chaos. Going even deeper, I learned the tell tale signs my body gave to signal a threat to inner balance.

Just before my precious connection to world peace was interrupted, there was a short period of confusion and a wave of new, intense energy.

For me, my heart pounds and there is an overwhelming urge to get away. I know I have about sixty seconds to fix the situation before my nervous system goes on autopilot and full blown panic attack erupts.

Heart pounding and an urge to leave are early warning signals. It’s my inner GPS working for me, not failing. I just had to notice earlier in order to take action.

Here are three things I changed so my sulky six year old won’t have me busting out of my jeans.

Supermarket shopping is intense. Go earlier in the day to avoid the rubbing up against the energy fields of all those people. First thing in the morning, a mall’s vibe is actually quite sweet. At 4pm, you’ll need boots to wade through that goop. In fact, why bother going at all? Online grocery shopping is a gift from heaven for psychics and sensitives.

At work, the guy in the meeting is a total jerk. He’s going to be a jerk for the next 45 minutes because that’s his superpower. Leaving is not an option, but there are things that can strengthen your energy field.

Cross your legs and allow one hand or arm to rest over the solar plexus as a shield. Imagine zipping up a hoodie, or channel Captain Kirk in the Starship Enterprise and say, “Shields up, Mr Sulu.”

Another way to discreetly regain spiritual sovereignty is the restroom. Gather precious molecules from deep space, and re align. Grounding is pure intention. Breath deeply into the tummy and feel the knots unwind. Be a tree, or a rock. Splashing water on your face or the back of the neck will re-set inner balance.

I carry a small pouch of emergency goodies. There is lavender essential oil for dabbing on the back of the neck, rescue remedy drops for under the tongue and hand cream. All these thing are done to the body as a reminder it’s there and I need to be located somewhere near it. No one will ever know hand cream is a grounding tool, and can be done in public.

Eating is the number one way we all know to get grounded again.

Being a sensitive has it’s perks, and pitfalls. Staying balanced and grounded will always be a challenge.  Expect to get pushed off your unicorn every now and then, and have these tips ready. Now there’s better ways to recover than sulking in the corner with a pint of hazelnut espresso ripple.

So does being psychic make you fat? No. Being ungrounded does.


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