Four things your loved ones in spirit want you to know

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Got someone who’s gone to the Spirit World that you’re missing? Wishing you could hear from them? They’re with us so much more on the other side than they could ever be when they were here, and often in a mediumship reading, they’ll show you things you’ve been doing, to let you know close they are. Here’s four things your loved ones in Spirit want you to know :

They might mention the bowl of cereal spilled that morning all over the table, or the cracked glass in the front window that suddenly appeared since they’ve been gone.

They do that to give reassurance all is well and they’re still are close by. After all the mediumship readings, contacts and demonstrations I’ve done the main thing those in the Spirit World want to share is they love you.

1. Love Never Dies

Of all the messages and contacts I’ve given from those in the Spirit world, it mostly come to this: They’re still there and they still love you. Just because they’ve gone doesn’t mean their love has too. When you think about them you’ll feel that love again. Our loved ones are very ingenious when it comes to letting us know they’re there.

A photograph popping on Facebook recently reminded me of a friend who’s been gone very five years – but just seeing his face again on the feed was enough to revive happy memories of good times shared and how loved he was by the community. Even though our physical shape changes the love we have never does, and most often they come back to share and remind us how loved we still are.


2. They’re only a thought away

The best thing about being in Spirit is travel is cheap and instant! Connecting to the Spirit world is just a thought, away like instant messaging on Facebook – just a click away. Often we’re so busy with our own thoughts we can’t feel or see our loved ones, and we think they aren’t there, but they’ve been busting themselves trying to get through!

That’s why they come in dreams. Our minds are at rest and open and it’s much easier to break through for them. If you’ve had a significant dream about someone who’s passed, consider it a visit. Pay attention to what was said and done as it’s their way fo making contact.


3. Live your life fully

Go ahead and do the bucket list. Do all those things you planned before they passed because that’s what they want. They’re the ones who die not you. You’re not the one that’s dead. You’re not the one who stopped living. They want you to do the important things because they will be right there alongside you when you do.



4. We’ll meet again.

Everybody goes to the spirit world. They’ll be there waiting for you just like their loved ones that went before them to the other side when they cross over.  We hear stories about people who are on the threshold of passing and they sometimes mention they talked to someone dear to them who’s already on the other side.

Those already in the Spirit World from a welcome party for everyone passing. No one’s ever alone, and no one ever passes alone. When it’s your time, you will see your dearest ones again at the threshold. We all get to see our loved ones again, isn’t that wonderful news?

And if you just want that reassurance that they are there and you want to connect to them just give them a thought. Send them some love.  It’s that’s easy. That’s the four things that they really want you to know from the other side.


How to connect with them

Keep their photo handy to remind you, play their favourite music or a song that reminds you of them. Chat to them in your mind. They’ll be only a thought way, especially on significant dates and holidays.

Creating reunions between those in the living to those on the other side is my sacred work. I consider it an honour to make the link to the Spirit world. Sessions are 30 minutes and can be booked at any time.

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  1. Jenny

    Thank you Denise, sometimes I lose my way and then think I have lost my loved ones, but your easy tips will keep me focused next time I feel it happening. Xx

    • Denise Litchfield

      Hi Jenny! I’m so glad the blog helped – it really IS what they want you to know and they also want you to keep moving in your life – thanks for leaving a comment.

  2. Suzanne

    This is super helpful Denise! Grief is so gut wrenching – your words are so soothing. And, I really appreciate your style of delivery because it’s clean and easy to understand and remember. Thanks!

  3. Liz J

    Hi, Denise. I have been on a spiritual journey my whole life. I was raised Mormon (which is like a very weird melding of Christianity with its roots in 19th Century American occultism. Talismans, Astrology, Water Witching, Divining from Stones, and, most importantly-being in tune with Spirit-including the Spirit World). My ex-husband’s father and his grandmother passed within 6 months of each other-right before he left me during my third pregnancy. I have felt them protecting me and guiding me during my divorce. But sometimes I doubt their loyalty to me over my ex-husband-who was a perpetrator of infidelity, lying, gaslighting, bullying, and spending a fortune litigating me and driving me towards bankruptcy. etc. But nevertheless, they have a loyalty to my children, I am sure. I am also someone who tends to doubt when I am communicating to spirit because I like to think that I have a choice to tune into my logic-so that I can get things done in my life. Does spirit get offended when I tune them out? Do spirits take “sides?” Or wish me ill? I wonder if there has been some tribalism post-this-physical-plane, and they have been complicit or even instigators to my ex-husband’s ill wishes towards me? How am I to know? I thought they would have erred on the side of goodness, and understanding that I am trying to do my best to raise their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But like my ex-husband did, I wonder if they have also turned on me.

    • Denise Litchfield

      HI Lizzy – I totally understand why yo’d be asking if those that were close to you in blood might ‘take sides” when they pass into the Spirit World. They dont get offended if yo tine them out, either. I did not get along with my own grandfather and could not forgive him for certain things, and refused contacts from him in my pwn mediumship development.

      It wasn’t until I did alot of self forgiveness, that I felt I could have him around again, and he jus twisted patiently, knowing it was my choice and my journey. Now I feel him around often, and since he was such a good business man, I feel he helps me alot. He was a Mason, as was all my family right back to our English roots. Hope that helps.

      • Liz

        This does help very much, Denise. Thank-you. I am waiting patiently for the right time to take some of your coaching classes. I think it will be soon. I am finishing up a master’s degree and professional license in clinical mental health counseling and know I need to use my spirit guides (and the spirit guides of the people I will be helping in counseling) to help me professionally. And to aid in blocking negativity from potential karmic wounding/projection from clients I will have.

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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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