Freebies for psychics

All the intuitive freebies for psychics in one spot! Sample the goodies at your leisure from Spirit Guides, creating your first psychic reading. Be sure to pop back as more are added all the time.

Discover your psychic strength

Does your intuition work for you? Are you a Seeker, a Seashell or a wise Sage? Do this fun quiz to find out your psychic strength and download an eleven page booklet so that your psychic messages will get through even easier.

Psychic Playground Facebook Community

The Psychic Playground is a Facebook community for modern intuitive women who want to grow their gifts on their own terms. Swings and roundabouts? Check. hair pulling? Nope.

10 Ways to Improve Intuition

If you’re ready to go further, here’s a free mini journal for you. There are easy, everyday ways to boost intuitive messages and space to record the ‘aha’s’.

The secret language of your psychic gifts

There are clues hidden in your everyday speech. Download this key and discover what your language says about your intuition style. No email needed.

Guide to Spirit Guides

Connecting to your guides is easier than you think. Recognise their “personal ringtone”, feel their preseence and access their Get help without needing a name.

Ground and Present Audio Skill

This 5-minute audio gets your intuition back online, in less than five minutes. You dont even have to be a meditator.

50 Ways to Raise Your Vibe

If everything else seems more important, or there’s just no time, I have a list of 50 ways to raise your vibration fast.

The ultimate template for psychic readings

Ready to branch out into doing readings for others but not sure how? Download a handy guide that lays out step by step each part of a reading so that your client will shower you with testimonials and referrals.

How to tell when your intuition is real

If you’ve doubted your intuition, or get it mixed up with fears or worry that you’re making it up, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get confused, especially when there’s that ONE PERSON who you feel positive you’re DESTINED to be with and…… Ba Boing… Now you can spot when it’s fake intuition and when it’s reaL and never be confused again.

How to get a good psychic reading

Forget the “will I ever..” questions
“Will I ever be…?” Does that sound like something a savvy 21st-century woman would say? NO! We know you want to be zooming down the highway of your life with the wind in your hair, so ditch the “will I” questions.

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Can Spirit Guides see me naked?

Here’s something I get asked a lot: Can my loved ones in spirit see me naked in the bathroom? I bet you’ve wondered, right? Because we all need our privacy. Are they watching me all the time? If they can see everything I do, how come they can’t see I’m in the bathroom?

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10 things I hate about psychics

Here are ten things I hate about psychics: 1. My brother has a new housemate. She’s a psychic. She can’t take out the garbage because she was attacked by hoarde of hungry rats in a past life.

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