Freebies for Psychics

All the psychic and intuitive freebies in one spot! Sample all the goodies at your leisure from Spirit Guides, to Creating a Successful Free Reading to a template to success for getting paid as a psychic. Be sure to pop back as more are added all the time.

Psychic Playground Community

The Psychic Playground is a FREE online gathering place for modern intuitive women who want to GROW THEIR GIFTS on their own terms.

10 Ways to Improve Intuition

If you’re ready to go further, here’s a free mini journal for you. There are easy, everyday ways to boost intuitive messages and space to record the ‘aha’s’.

50 Ways to Raise Your Vibe

If everything else seems more important, or there’s just no time, I have a list of 50 ways to raise your vibration fast.

Ground and Present Audio Skill

This 5-minute audio shows you how to get your intuition back online, even for non-meditators.

Guide to Spirit Guides

Connect to your guides – it’s easier than you think. Recognise their “personal ringtone”. Get their help without needing a name.

Psychic Affirmations Tape

You want to grow your psychic ability, but doubt, fears and all kinds of thoughts get in the way. If only you could turn down the volume on all that.

Successful Readings in FB Groups

Looking to offer free readings in Facebook groups? Learn, plan and create your free reading in an hour with this step by step tutorial and move closer to more paid ones.