If you flung open the doors to your house, what would you see? A dazzle of flamingo pink and gold, or a calm break in the madness? When it comes to grounding, your house decor can say alot about you.


Psychics need calm

Someone sensitive to energies can benefit from calm, settled surroundings as a way to restore from the chaos of the day. how I thrive. Take a moment now to consider your home decor and even your wardrobe and the colours you live alongside.

Neutral tones are grounding and calming. Dark colours settle, they are slow moving, with a comfortable weight like a snuggly blanket. Bright colours buzz and pop and lift the energy upwards and into motion.

Just like daily walks in the park that centre and balance my energy, dark colours also have a calming effect and are another tool in the bucket bag of empath resources. The good news is, we instinctively know how to ground ourselves, like a dog knows how to shake off stress.


A yearning for any these things could really be a need for grounding:

: A comfort foods binge
: A bubble bath with non-optional champagne
: Choosing an outdoor farmer’s market for the week’s shopping.
: Spring cleaning or a garage sale
: Sleeping more or having a doona day
: A desire to do yoga or dance
: A beachside picnic with friends



grounding: what your house says about you

Grounding means knowing where you are, energetically.

It means having a grip on your body and thoughts, and locating them somewhere close to each other. You know what it’s like to be splattered all over this universe and several beyond, and it’s not pretty. That’s being ungrounded. It’s also:

: A feeling of disconnection to life and the world
: Feeling like there’s glass plate between you and the world
: Like your head is a balloon on a string
: Being a space cadet
: Unable to keep a thought in your head
: Addicted to social media
: Like you’ve stuck a finger in an electric socket

These are signs your body is running too much voltage along it’s electro magnetic power lines, (these are the meridians of the body that acupuncture works so well with.) Like a current looking for earth, it has to discharge safely, or someone gets fried. Electricians don’t call it “earthing” for nothing. Metal rods on buildings safely transmute lightning to ground, and feet onto grass, rock or sand has the same effect for us.


Grounding is owning your space. If you don’t own it, someone else will.

The difference between face planting into a tub of Ben and Jerrys and ten minutes with a guided meditation is awareness. And you’re not to going to get it right all the time.

Grounding for psychics can be a messy business, full of half eaten pizza and late night shopping binges but it doesn’t have to be.

When you sit with a grounding meditation, using the power of intention to rally and roll call your thoughts, they regroup closer to your physical home. Do that often enough, and that feeling can be tapped back into later, when needed.

You bring centredness into moments of overwhelm by remembering how it felt to be grounded and calling that state back. But it needs practice. Develop a stash of grounding feelings inside you by consciously knowing how it feels to be grounded and playing back that feeling to yourself. This is how the masters do it.

If it’s not your space it will be everybody else’s. What’s it going to be?


Wanna get grounded quickly?

There’s a free resource audio to help you get back into the present and stop overthinking. After all, you can only get psychic messages when you’re present! This free mindfulness audio will have you back “online” to your intuition in no time.




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