Not sure it’s really a Spirit Guide? It’s good to be discerning, and while there’s nothing to fear, here’s four things Spirit Guides never do:


1.What they say isn’t uplifting

If you’re hearing negative comments, criticisms, downers, it’s not a spirit guide. Criticism, bad mouthing, fearful statements, these are not your Spirit guide, in fact they aren’t even Spirit at all. Most often it’s our fears coming to life



2. They interrupt daily routines.

If you have to change your life somehow in order to accommodate their presence, it’s not a spirit guide. Guides work WITH you and help. Their aim is your spiritual growth, not control.



3. They don’t go when told

Spirit is intelligent. They are here to help and they’re here to guide. They will also back off if you need. If there is something  that isn’t going away when asked, or it’s critical and not giving uplifting feelings, it’s not a spirit guide.


4. They order you around

Guides suggest, hint and …well…. guide. They can’t tell us what to do, because they honour our free will. If you’re experiencing something telling you, to do this or that, it’s not a spirit guide.


What is it then?

If it’s not a spirit guide, what is it? The good news is that it’s not an entity either. Not even some kind of “attachment”.

Not even a demon. You know what it is mostly? It is somebody’s thought form. Overthinking is like a runaway train. A fearful thought gets momentum and builds and builds. Fearful thought forms get fed by you thinking and then very soon it feels like a spirit. Guess who’s feeding it? You.

Part of being intuitive is also having a vivid imagination. There was a time when I felt really pursued, when I was very convinced of the presence of negative energies and entities. But it turned out to be my deepest fears mixed up with an over active imagination. Once I confronted those fears, they no longer had a hold on me.


What to do

Monitor the amount of screen time you have.

Go outside and walk.

Review your spiritual practise. Do you have a regular meditation? What keeps you grounded and stable and balanced because those things are going to really effect that runaway train, fear based thoughts.

Practise basic grounding tools because you’re in charge and as attractive as it is to think it’s something spooky and outside yourself, it’s not.


Own it

Owning up to our own energy is one of the first steps in spiritual growth. We get to own the good and the not so good. So review your screen time, grab a free meditation, take some chill time to connect to the bigger, higher, lovely part of you.

And if that means shutting down the phone, or choosing Facebook feeds to support a higher vibe, rather than fear, make a decision and take a step to having a healthier, more positive energy field and you will feel the difference.


Get the Guide to Spirit Guides

Now you know what a Guide doesn’t do, here’s a free resource to understand what a Guide does and bring them closer to your life. Download your copy of the ebook here.






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