Off hand comments turn out dead accurate, and you know what someone will say before they say it.

Hey! You must be psychic.

Friends come for
advice because you
“just know” things.

Maybe you see things others don’t. Hey! you must be psychic.


I want to honour my souls’ aching desires, and I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone, and now I don’t have to do it alone!

I don’t have a brain tumour or weird disease, I’m psychic!

- Beth Pender


It’s time to finally sort this out in a normal way without the mumbo jumbo.

Learn what your gifts are and how to use use them in a way that suits YOU without having to wear crushed purple velvet or stink of patchouli.

This is my best selling session for beginners and seasoned psychics alike. If you want to:

Trust your intuition more and use it on an every day basis. Get it strong like the muscle it really is.

Get rid of doubt –  learn to tell when it’s real and when you’re making it up. Feel confident.

Tune into your guides better, and discover the best times for inspiration downloads.



and be totally understood

“Hey you must be psychic“  gets fast results in 30 minutes – $77

Discover your main intuitive strength and the one waiting to be born. Learn how to maximise and trust it.

Be the boss of your gift, not the other way round. Stop being an energy sponge soaking up other people’s stuff.

Finally get over what people will think. Get the confidence to give psychic messages your friends will love.

I got the answer I’d been searching for in only 2 words! 

She showed me the way home.  A totally honest, down-to-earth mentor. – Laura