Having a high vibration isn’t just an Instagram hashtag. It’s a cornerstone of living a stable balanced and intuitive life. It’s how we get clearer messages, more often and isn’t that what we all want?

A high vibe beats the other side of being sensitive: soaking up everyone else’s stuff.

A bright shiny aura filled with good vibes is also the best protection. It keeps us grounded and balanced. That way we know the information coming in can be trusted, because it’s coming from a good place.

We also know our imagination isn’t jumping in to cloud up our intuition. All this from having a high vibe?


That’s why I talk about meditation so much. It’s the most common way to get to that bright shiny place in our energy fields.


And if you can’t meditate?

That’s OK. Not all of us are cut out for meditation, yet we still want to use our intuition in the best way. If everything else seems more important, or there’s just no time, I have a list of 50 ways to raise your vibration fast.

Take a look a the first ten and download your copy to have on hand for easy reference. You don’t have to meditate if it’s not your thing.


  1. List 10 things you’re grateful for right now.
  2. Create a playlist of your favourite uplifting songs.
  3. Drop into your heart and ask, “what would Oprah do?”
  4. Sing
  5. Do something nice for someone
  6. Look out the window and appreciate the beauty of what you see
  7. Have a bath or shower that includes getting your hair wet. (it clears your aura)
  8. Detox from gossip
  9. Eat chocolate (my favourite
  10. Use aromatherapy oils; Clary sage is said to open the third eye


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50 Ways Raise Vibe

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