Like anyone else learning to use their extra senses, I read every book and article I could find on how to be clairaudient, but  found so many that made me feel I wasn’t good enough.

They implied I had to be born with a gift, or be seventh born of a gypsy or some unattainable thing. Now I know being psychic and tuning in to my clairaudience is very attainable . Being clairaudient just means noticing the messages that constantly arrive from the soul, and it’s done with the inner ears.

Extrasensory hearing shows up in subtle ways, and the good news is you might already be using it. It’s usually much more subtle than we expect. Rather than hearing with our physical ears, we hear with our mind. If you’re waiting for the clouds to part and the booming voice of God to reign down, you might be waiting a while!


Here’s how to be clairaudient:


1. Snippets from songs.

It’s not a song that you’ve heard on the radio, it will be some random song, but it’s just in your mind, round and round and round and round. It will go around there until you get the message of what the meaning of that song is. That is how clear audience works.


2. Catchphrases from a movie.

Imagine hearing Arnie’s, “I’ll be back”, in your mind. Perhaps that phrase repeats over and over and it’s been ages since that movie was on TV. There’s a word for repeating phrases and songs :  ear worms. They burrow into your brain on high rotation until the message clicks. How to get the ear worm to go? Acknowledge the message!


3. Nursery rhymes.

How many of us grew up with Mary had a little lamb or ding dong bell? If it’s a nursery rhyme ear worm, take note. What part of the rhyme stands out most? What could that message relate to? Take a moment to tune in and see if it’s a clue. If “ring around a rosy” was the rhyme caught in your head, perhaps it’s a message to take extra care of your health to avoid getting sick.  Hearing ‘three blind mice” could be a message about pushing yourself too much and the possible consequence of crossing boundaries.


how to be clairaudient Denise Litchfield

4. Reoccurring words.

You might get a reoccurring word that just goes over and over in your head and it’s almost like you picked it up from somewhere and it will not go. Until you realise what that word means, the word will stay.


5. The random stranger.

The fifth way clairaudience could already be working for you is the random stranger. This one is my favourite. Have you ever walked along the street or on pubic transport and caught a fragment of someone’s conversation? That random phrase utter by a stranger may just be the answer you’re searching for. It’s just another way our higher senses work to give us the information we need, in a subtle and gentle way.

We want it to be loud and overwhelming to convince our rational mind’s psychic ability is real, but that rarely happens. If you can say yes to any of the examples above, there’s a good chance you’ve already had a clairaudient experience. What a great way to confirm your sixth sense!

There’s a lot more info on the blog about being clairaudient, as well as a free 5 day Clairaudience Challenge run once a year.

Stay tuned for that, or read up on  three more things you need to know about clairaudience.




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