These days, intuitive women aren’t locked away in caves gazing at crystal balls, or floating around in crushed purple velvet.
They’re in jeans and t-shirts leading dynamic lives,touching everyone with their special energy.

They’re ordinary women, with
extraordinary inner lives.

they see more than others
they hear their soul calling
their feelings are deep and rich

They don’t feel alone because they
find support and strength online.

They trust their psychic gifts
and use them every day


because there’s power in numbers…


My psychic career began with the tarot deck and ouija board I got for my 11th birthday.

There were lots of mistakes but I forged my own path.

I created an online community so


Welcome to the
Psychic Playground


a FREE online gathering place for modern intuitive women who want to GROW THEIR GIFTS on their own terms.



if you are the weird kid
who knows there’s something more
who believes in using intuition YOUR  way
and searches for others just like you

You found the right place.

The Psychic Playground comes with:

playdates and challenges to spark your intuition
access to videos and trainings found no where else
loving support from like minded ladies who “get” you
there’s never any hair pulling and no one ever falls off the swing.

and it’s totally FREE.