Ever wanted an intuitive message and nothing happens? Or the opposite – the mind races round every possible answer and nothing feels right? Or maybe you keep pulling cards till the answer gets so muddled you give up? The answer is you could be trying too hard.


There’s no point busting a chakra over intuition.

The secret is letting go. In fact the less you do, the better it is! Perfect for lazy intuitives.  What was the last great movie you watched? I bet it was so immersive, you were right in there with the characters. I certainly felt that watching Westworld on Netflix. Oh Delores!

Like watching a great movie, images and feelings roll across the mind.  We just watch. That’s pretty much how insights arrive intuitively – when we’re relaxed and unattached to an outcome.

Intuition is perfect for lazy people.

It’s passive, the less you work the better. That’s why insights come in the shower, making coffee, or driving. The mind has a job and our higher mind gets a moment of air play to download messages from the Universe.




Intuition is a lovely relaxed, receptive day dreamy place.

No good for stress heads. Which is why we bang on so much about meditation. Allow the rational mind to have a nap by giving it something mundane to do. Here are seven tips to get lazy:

  1. Let go. This one’s a challenge for the control freaks!
  2. Do something ordinary and routine to keep the mind occupied – try colouring in.
  3. Don’t try so hard! It’s all about detaching from the outcome. If that’s hard, reading for yourself may not be as accurately as you’d like.Time to ask someone else. Luckily we host two days in the Psychic Playground Facebook Community where intuitive questions are welcome.
  4. It’s usually the first thing that comes. Accept it and don’t second guess  – that’s the monkey mind coming in!
  5. What can you do to get into a relaxed state of mind? A few minutes of mindful breathing, a yoga class or even a short walk can do the trick. Anything that moves awareness out of the head and into the body.
  6. Learn the difference between Intuition and imagination. Intuitive information feels expansive, open and always positive. After all it’s coming from the very best part of you. I have a little mini course that helps you spot the difference. Spoiler alert: If it’s making you worry or scared, it’s not intuition.
  7. Asking questions for yourself can be tricky  – the more emotional or tense you are in the answer the less reliable results will be. Better to book someone for a quick reading who has the calm detachment needed.


Ready to get more intuitive even though your’e lazy? Trust Your Intuition is a one hour mini class you can do at your own pace. Take forever if you need. Take naps. Drink ten cups of tea while you’re doing it. There are no rules. At the end you’ll know for sure what’s real intuition and what’s fake. You’ll trust yours 100%more.






YAAS! Booklet heading you way!