57 life lessons for psychics

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Why 57?

Because that’s how long I’ve been around. It’s not a sexy number, but I got thinking about all the things I’ve learned about living with one foot in this world and one in the other and it was a lot.

It became a list and when I hit 35 life lessons, there was so much more I wanted to share with you.

Treat this like a buffet: Take what looks yummy. Have a nibble. Some will be right, and some won’t be a good fit.


Why am I sharing this?

I don’t believe you have to be serious to be intuitive, or even wear crushed purple velvet and have a quarry worth of crystals in the house. After all it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

When I was in my thirties I desperately wanted to be a psychic and a healer. Even though inside I already was one, I just didn’t think the term fitted me.

I was always not ….. enough.
Not psychic enough
Not spiritual enough
I didn’t wear enough crushed purple velvet

Part of my mission is showing how normal it is to be psychic. There’s no need to get around like Stevie Nicks or in a constant altered state to be effective.

We can be goofy and normal too.

There are as many ways to work with intuition as there are facets in a diamond. We all contribute to the shine. In celebration of my birthday, here are the major lessons and thoughts I’ve learned along the way:


57 life lessons for psychics

1. When to charge for a reading?

When the universe hands you a paying client. You’ll be ready when they want to pay.

2. I can talk to dead people but I can’t cook rice or figure out which remote is which.

What everyday superpower is your “epic fail’?


3. I held in being psychic for too long it made me sick.

Anything we do to block our true selves is going to dampen our spirit. Don’t wait forever like I did.

4. Outgrowing friends is really hard. Every time.


5. A good intuitive reading touches your soul.

It can change your life and be very healing. At the least, a reading will confirm what your soul already knows.


6. Keeping a journal of intuitive hits increases confidence.

There will be a catalogue of them and they can’t all be coincidences, can they?


7. Demons and dark entities are for muggles.

Watching too many horror movies or not being careful of your Facebook intake can spark off our imaginations then everything seems scary at every turn. The truth is  that a high vibe will beat any scary entity hands down every time.

8. I didn’t even know what a medium was.

It certainly didn’t mean ME!I The universe had to practically shove it in my face. Learn to read the breadcrumb trail of your soul and listen!


9. New Age People write the silliest crap.

Run everything you read past the ‘sniff test’. Using the internet mean we develop better discernment skills. If it doesn’t feel right, or makes you feel less-than or fearful, let it go. Our intuition serves us everywhere, and especially in this area.


10. Having any kind of spiritual practice will save your sanity.

Walking the dog, yoga, a quiet cup of tea before everyone gets up. Whatever fills your soul.


11. I’m getting better at saying no.

I used to be a people pleaser – anything to keep the vibe happy because I was so sensitive. I lost myself in the process and forgot what I really needed. Now buy time to consider by saying, “Let me get back to you on that.” Then I compose a polite and loving ‘no’.


12. Meditation helps me feel connected.

I just do better when I meditate for 20 minutes than when I don’t.


13. A closing down ritual after psychic work saves your energy.

It’s nothing fancy, a cup of tea, a walk with Bruce, a shower or washing your hands. Something that signals the day’s intuitive work is over and it’s OK to be in your can slouchy pants.


14. I don’t know everything – thank goodness!

Hey , I learned to change the gas bottle in my Soda Stream last week! (Needed a You Tube video before that.)


15. Knowing my limits helps me to be a better psychic.

I don’t do lost pets because it upsets me and I stay away from legal or court outcome questions because once back in my early days a lady got really cranky at me for giving her the truth.


16. I still don’t know who my guides are, and I’m OK with that.

I know this though: They aren’t famous and I don’t need to know their name, rank and serial number for them to work with me.


17. The spiritual police won’t come if you have a bad day.

Challenges make us grow, in fact, it’s OK to have crappy days


18. It’s not channeling if your eyes are open – it’s just not.

Please, let’s find another word for it. I like ‘inspired speaking’ myself.


19. I was terrified of telling my friends I was psychic.

I eventually did and they were all like, “yeah we’ve known that for ages!”


20. Finding pockets in the day to check in is like a mini meditation.


21. I love my dog maybe more than people.


22. There’s no such thing as an earthbound spirit.

Everyone goes on – even really bad people. Everyone goes to the light. Everyone. Even Hitler and certainly Michael Hutchence. There is a plan – a plan that’s so much bigger than us and it doesn’t have mistakes. There are no glitches in the system. Everyone gets to go to the next world and there are always ones to greet them before they go. Read more about earthbound spirits here.


23. I can’t watch certain movies anymore.

Being sensitive to energy means sensitive to a lot of other stuff too.


24. The hardest thing I ever did was say goodbye to my dingo of 13 years.

Even though I knew he’d be waiting for me in Spirit, it still makes me cry. As I update this, Bruce is 16 years old and very frail. He doesn’t have long and that makes me cry too.


25. Most haunted houses are actually haunted minds.

When I go to clear a house I look at the energy of the people in it first, because nearly every time the disturbance is around them and not the house. Here’s more about how to tell if a house is haunted or not.


26. Being psychic is easy – trying to be normal is hard.

If you’ve always been a bit weird, it’s time to let that weird out and celebrate.


27. Give away your time, but don’t undersell yourself. It’s OK to charge money for spiritual work.


28. As I got older I’ve become more ME and less concerned with what others think.

Thank goodness for that. Maybe now I can officially become a cranky old lady.


29. If they’re talking more about you than the person in spirit, it isn’t a mediumship reading.

It’s a psychic reading. A mediumship reading should be about the person in the Spirit World and contain specific fact about them that aren’t general.


30. If they’re talking about themselves instead of you, it isn’t a psychic reading.

Ask for a refund.


31. I could see fairies as a child.

And it got me kicked out of Brownies. (Junior Girl Guides)


32. If I could change just one thing about me,

I’d kick my fetish for fluffy coat hangers.  No I wouldn’t. I’d learn to cook rice.


33. Those “pick an image you’re drawn to and I’ll post the answer tomorrow” things?

They aren’t readings, they are a lead magnet at best and a quiz at worst. There’s no intuitive component.


34. A tough childhood increased my intuition.

There’s a silver lining to every situation even if it takes a 30 year wait.


35. My pet peeve is people who are Spiritual when it suits them.

They call that a “spiritual overcoat” meaning it’s popped on when needed. Being spiritual is hard work.


36. I’ve learned to choose who I tell I’m psychic to, and who I don’t.

Some battles are not worth fighting.


37. I used to soak up everyone else energy and feelings.

Now I’ve learned how to have a strong energy field that world way better than any shielding or crystal.


38.  Spirit people can’t see you naked in the shower.


39. I feel a responsibility to debunk the myths around being paid for work of the spirit.

We can be paid well and often for our work and still feel spiritual. We can choose what er give away and who we volunteer with. I work at Spiritual Churches for free, make a ton of videos to watch for free on You Tube and have not raised my prices in 2.5 years.


40. Pets go to the Spirit world and wait for you.

They are often cared for by relatives. How do I know? I am aware of them when I read for others in a mediumship session.


41. My long term goal is to help everyone realise the gifts they have are enough.

And, that THEY are enough.


42. Being psychic is like a muscle- it needs exercise..


43.Psychics don’t know everything.

We don’t know the answers to everything, and thank goodness we are always learning.


44. Walk away from any psychic that makes you feel less than, doubting or fearful.

That gut feeling? It’s real.


45. I may have been born with a psychic gift,

but it still took years of training and practice to get where I am now.


46. The book that changed my ideas about the spirit world was:

Angels in my hair by Lorna Byrne. This lady had a terribly poor life, but she could see her angels and guides like we see everyday people. Her message is simple and filled with reassurance.


47.Psychic expos give you a headache.

Just too much!


48. Spiritual growth is tough, but it’s worth it.


49. I still get drained by large crowds and shopping centres.

But not as much as I used to after learning how to contain and balance my energy field.


50. TV psychics are there for entertainment first –

and messages second. Good ones do both.


51. Connecting to the spirit world is easy for me now – a lot of it was practice and a better mindset.

It’s true that you take into this work the issues that surround your life. If it’s a lack of confidence in life, it will be a lack of confidence in mediumship.


52. I’m here to myth-bust and it pisses people off.

The face of intuitive work is changing and there’s room for a fresh perspective. Let’s leave the #crushedpurplevelvet behind.


53. The movie that change my life was Stairway to heaven made in 1943.

I was about 7 and it opened the door to the idea that people go on after they pass. It was made in war time, when many people questioned life after death. Watch it here for free on You Tube.


54. I’m not afraid of death, but it’s still really sad.


55. Even though I feel old now, I plan to be 90 and still doing this.

Even older now as I update this. Eek!


56. Akashic record readings, soul path readings, intuitive purpose readings.

All use the same technique. Once the basics are learned, they can be applied to any area. It’s one of the many mythbusters we do in My Psychic Soul.


57. The main centre for psychic ability is in the solar plexus.

Using the third eye can lead us astray when the mind kicks in and we want to stay as true to our work as possible.


Phew, are you still here? That was an epic list.

And if you got to the end and thought, “Hey, she’s pretty normal, maybe it’s time I found out about my psychic gifts too.” You can.



  1. judee doyle

    Hahahahaha that was great.. loved your list. Loved your ‘delivery’ ..The message is the medium!….

    • Denise Litchfield

      Yes! you got it!

  2. Jacque Holroyd

    Love this list, thank you. Many resonated with me 10,11, 40 (can’t wait to see them) and especially 34. I think this one must make you look inside yourself at an early age and whether it is a wish, a hope or a dream, makes you hope for more than what you have in the present.

    Hope you had a birthday as lovely as you Denise, so grateful to have found you.

    • Denise Litchfield

      Hey Jacque – Glad you enjoyed them all and picked out a few faves. Wishing you all the ease in your spiritual travels.

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Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

Am I psychic?

Am I psychic?

Mainstream religion and the New Age actively sell the idea psychic ability exists outside of you, or only to a (chosen by them) few. This is a lie. Being psychic is part of being human, so ‘Am I psychic?” YES!

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