Loved ones in spirit come back to give messages

Loved ones in spirit come back to give us messages

Ever wanted to return and fix something in the past? To jump into a DeLorean like Michael J Fox and hug someone before they were gone forever? So do our loved ones. They return from the Spirit World in mediumship sessions because they have messages for us.

Evidential mediums build a bridge between those in the spirit world and those still here. Often they share 20/20 hindsight not available when they were alive.

Life’s mysteries are clearer

Just as we sometimes lie awake going over every sacrifice and sabotage in life, so can they. Except they can do something about it. They often choose to balance a bit of karma or help a loved one out. It’s a healing process of both sides.

Just behind Colleen’s right shoulder appeared an older lady from spirit. She was dressed all ready for Church in a floral two-piece with a lavender straw hat. In her little hands was a posy of flowers wrapped in a doily and she held these up to Coleen. But there was something strange: Her frail old body was bent over double.

She stood, not saying a word, holding up flowers.

Colleen recognised her great Aunt, but what came for, and why was she in such an uncomfortable position? It wasn’t like they were close, Great Aunty passed on when Colleen was a tiny girl, but she had a message.

mediumship- why your loved ones return

I discovered why her Great Aunt came

I sensed a huge burden recently lifted in Colleen, allowing her new freedom. She felt tired and soul weary.

For two years she nursed her husband through terminal cancer. It was a long, hard job, with not much support from her family. Now he was in spirit, she could get on with her own life. In a way, the burden of care bent Colleen double, too.

As Colleen told the story she remembered something.

Both her husband and great Aunt died with exactly the same illness. Both required daily care by close relatives until the end.


Colleen’s Great Aunt returned with a bunch of flowers in recognition of the selfless care she gave to her dying husband, and to thank her own carers before she died.

Even though the rest of Colleen’s living family never acknowledged her effort, it was noticed by Spirit. Her Great Aunt saw when the rest chose to ignore it. The Aunt knew perfectly well the personal choices, struggles and actions Colleen made over the last years. What at first, seemed an unlikely meeting turned out to be a chance for closure and healing for both of them.

We can’t always tell who will come from spirit when we sit with a medium, and lots of times, Spirit knows what a person needs, even if they don’t. A mystery visit from an Aunt Colleen barely knew tuned out to be exactly what she needed for her own healing.

One of the best things about being a Spiritualist medium is creating reunions for those in spirit and their friends here. If you’d like to experience this for yourself, book a session here.

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