I have a crush on Luna Lovegood. She’s one of Harry Potter’s fiercest defenders and the odd one out at Hogwarts. With her blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes, she lives in another world. I love her because I used to feel weird and left out at school too.

Socially ostracised, she could care less about being one of the cool kids, and doesn’t even try to fit in. With her quirky fashion sense and unpopularity at school, she sounds so familar.

Were you one of the weird kids too?

Did you see the world differently, and knew it was better to stay quiet about things you felt, saw or knew because of negative reactions?

Most sensitive, empathic and clair-sentient kids learn to change a room’s stress levels to something more tolerable. It’s something we all do to certain degrees, but for a psychic or sensitive kid it’s a self preservation superpower.

Big feelers have a big need for harmony, and this superpower soon becomes second nature. By the time they grow up, most don’t even notice they’re doing it. They only notice the drain.

 If you’ve ever had feedback like:

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blogI feel so calm around you.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog The room lights up when you’re there.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog We don’t fight as much in your presence.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog How much better they feel in your company.

You might be a someone who learned early on to change the vibe of a place out of sheer necessity. Anyone even remotely psychic needs lots of calm. Their senses are turned up at the best of times, and stress of any kind is overwhelming and exhausting.

The need for harmony is as important as oxygen. Sensitive psychic feelers become the peace makers, the accommodators, and the mediators, often saying yes far too often for their good. And they wonder why they feel drained. This is why I love Luna Lovegood and I wish all my clients are like her:

Luna Lovegood is comfortable in her own skin and at peace with herself.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog She’s willing to speak the unpopular truth, and doesn’t beg to be liked.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog Can see, hear and feel things others don’t.

SUCCULENT ICON MAUVE b9b1c1 blog Holds and conserves her energy well.

Luna Lovegood’s feet are always on the ground, and she’s a stabilising force in chaos. She’s no fool, believing Harry when no-one else does. She sticks with her friends through some of the toughest fights of the series.


Luna Lovegood 2


If there’s a touch of Luna inside you, you’ll already know the tremendous pull to access your psychic self, to discover that part of you that’s in touch with something greater. And like Luna, you’ll want to fight for that, despite reactions from the muggle world. It gets exhausting pretending to be someone you’re not. So answer the voice of your soul that’s calling you to be your true self.


Deep down, you never wanted the Muggle life anyway.

Come and be with other Luna Lovegoods in the Psychic Playground. A Facebook group where women can celebrate their quirky selves in all their sixth sense glory.


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