If you did the psychic strength quiz and were a Sensor, you know what it’s like to live life with feelings turned up full dial. Those closest may not have understood your sensitivity and words like, “cry baby” or “thin skinned” might still be painful memories.

Sensors have the biggest heart of all intuitives and they are often so psychically open it’s hard to tell whose emotions are whose. It gets draining sometimes. We need the tools to manage emotions for better intuition and good energy balance. Even though we may have been called names growing up and our big feelings made fun of, there is also an upside:


In a world growing numb, we have the heart connection everyone secretly wants.


Before I learned to manage my energy and enjoy the benefits of being a Sensor, going to shopping centres was a nightmare. There were many times a full trolley lay abandoned in the supermarket because I just couldn’t bear to be among so many random people’s thoughts and feelings at once. It felt like I could listen in to everyone and it was exhausting.

After a full day of people percolating though an enclosed space, everyone’s energy bubbled into a thick soup. On those afternoons even the muzak taunted me. Once I realised these simple things about managing other people’s energy, shopping malls and busy crowded areas became much easier to navigate.


As psychics, we are deeply aware of subtle energy shifts

Sometimes we are like like deep dish satellites able to pick up moons on Pluto, yet unable to spot exactly how WE feel. We’re are gifted with finely honed antennae to feel the subtlest emotion but we can often make one common mistake;

We think emotions rule.

We let them be the compass to steer our lives, mistakenly becoming powerless over incoming energy and feelings. Lets toss this out right now. Here’s four easy ways to manage emotions and balance incoming energy, especially for psychics, Sensors and untrained empaths:


1.Take charge

You are not your emotions. You’re so are much bigger and more powerful than that. You decide whether they rule or not. You can choose what you focus on and what’s not important.


2. Don’t wait to feel

I grew up at the mercy of everyone else’s emotions, I felt they were so big and I was so little. There just didn’t seem to be any emotions room for me, or anyone to care how I felt. I learned to squish mine down and to value them less than the feelings of those around me.

You may have grown up thinking you were at the mercy of everyone else wants and needs too, but that’s a lie. Next time there’s a wave of big feels about to dump like a giant wave, try this:


Say to yourself, “it’s just emotion”. The conversation might go like this:


(Wave of someone else’s emotion)
You: arghhhhhh! _ (uncomfortable feelings)
Your higher self: aww…that’s just emotion
Feeling self: “Yeah but…look at how huge it is…
Higher self: “It’s just emotion
Feeling self: “yeah but arghh! I feel this and this and this……….
Higher self: “It’s just emotion.
Feeling self: Yeah but, look at all this…….emotion!! (waving arms around dramatically)
Higher self: “It’s just emotion.

Get the idea? It may take some time and it will feel weird, especially if you’ve grown up with screwy ideas around emotions and who they belong to.


3. Spot the source

This one’s like pouring water on the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. It’s so unbelievably simple. When ever a wave of incoming feels heads your way, just ask, “is this mine?”.
It often happens in readings. For example, with a client, I’ll be fine one minute, then suddenly feel sick in the tummy for no reason.
I used to think it was me, but now I know it’s my finely tuned antennae honing in to my client, telling me she is in early pregnancy and feeling ill.

Spotting the source of a big feel works like magic, whatever that emotion is will dissolve as soon as you ask, “is this mine?”


4. Be a transmitter

Here’s the one thing most Sensors, big feelers and psychics don’t know: They are just as powerful at transmitting energy as they are receiving it. Energy goes two ways. Imagine entering a room and instead of soaking up the prevailing emotional weather, broadcasting your energy into the space and changing it. You can be the dominant energy in a room.

Now I know that all emotions I feel aren’t necessarily mine, I can manage busy places with lots of emotions with ease. I also love wearing my headphones for an added buffer, because it helps me sense the ebb and flow of energy, tapping in and out as needed, while also staying strong and centred in my space.

Are you emotions and energy all scattered about like a child’s playroom after party? You may like to come back to centre and restore your balance with this free audio to help ground and centre. Made specially for Sensors, empaths and big feeling intuitives.


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