I have a confession: When I began studying the psychic arts, my teachers all said one thing: Meditate. And do you know what I thought?

Meditation sucks.

But I really wanted to work on my psychic skills and I knew the teachers were right. I did have to learn to meditate. So I sat down to try. You know what happened? I suddenly thought of everything that needed to be done except sitting down and doing a 20 minute meditation.


“I have to wash the dog.”

“I haven’t done last year’s tax.”

“Those gutters need to be emptied.”


The worst jobs in the world suddenly looked better than a bit of meditation. I began in five minute sprints, and gradually built it up. Some days were missed, but I didn’t beat myself up for that.

I had to make myself

Eventually the good stuff kicked in and I saw improvements in my readings and the quality of info coming through.

Doing a reading is working with another person’s energy, so if we want to improve, it makes sense to know our own energy first. We need to know where we start and stop and where our energy is at any point.

We need to learn when to zip it up snug for entering crowded places or busy supermarkets, and when to open it back out to work with again.


I finally got it!

That’s why the teachers bang on so much about meditation, and if you do the Psychic Connection Package, it’s the first thing we do.

But here’s the secret: There’s special kinds of meditation to work intuitively. Not just any old guided meditation will quite do the job. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but you want the good stuff fast, right? Watch the video below to discover the extra bonuses I got when working with this style of meditation.


Let’s call it an empowerment process

You know what, I’m not even going to call it a meditation because, you know, that word gets so loaded!

My Shiny Light is exactly what all students start off with on the Psychic Connection Package. The longer your work with it, the more your psychic batteries get charged and your intuitive wifi goes up to 5G. Really, it’s being in charge of your own energy field. If you:


Feel invisible

Get ignored at meetings

Are overlooked for opportunities

Have people bump into you

Can’t get served in cafes


It’s because your energy isn’t up to scratch. But these are the other benefits of working with My Shiny Light that have nothing to do with psychic ability, but splash into our every day lives anyway.

We meet the depths of who we are. If we’re going to work intuitively, that means our soul working with another soul. We discover what our soul feels like. We get more stable as our energy field gets strong. Stuff just bounces off it like bugs off a windshield.

We get better and truer hunches and more accurate. And relationships get more loving as our heart opens and holds more light, as we hold more light. We’re less bothered by the small things.

My Shiny Light is available for download right now and there’s even a way to listen beforehand, just to see if it doesn’t suck.


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