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Michael Hutchence is an earthbound spirit

As a professional psychic I get my share of weird, but this story from 2016 is the winner.

A journalist called asking if it’s true the supreme test of a medium is if they can connect to famous lead singer of INXS, Michael Hutchence.

There’s an idea in psychic circles that the very handsome Michael Hutchence is an earthbound spirit. Yes, he DID die in unusual circumstances in 1997, but they say his spirit somehow got trapped he’s now an earthbound spirit.

Even though I DID serve him Jack Daniels in a rock’n’roll nightclub in the early eighties, it hardly means I know the man, so as an evidential medium, I can’t claim to be able to link to his spirit, or send him to the light.


Because he’s not earthbound.

But I’m ahead of myself. This weird question arrived on the phone. A journalist who knew me from previous stories called to ask if the supreme test of a medium is if you can connect to Michael Hutchence. That’s the test of a good psychic.

  • Not Elvis?
  • Robin Williams?
  • Not even David Bowie?
  • What about Princess Di?




Michael Hutchence, really? That’s the test? I had to bite my tongue to not swear, so I asked to think about it for a minute.


Mediums need a link in order to connect to a spirit

We can rarely ‘cold call’. We need an introduction of some kind. That’s why a relative or a friend who comes for the reading is so important – because it’s their emotional connection we piggy back off. My my connection was tenuous – a few beers and Jacks at 3am in the most infamous club of its day.


But let’s go with the idea

Maybe sheer fandom is enough love to be able to make a decent mediumship connection to the star. What’s he gonna say that proves he’s Michael Hutchence? How would anyone know that didn’t know him personally?

As a medium, my job is to prove the person is Spirit is really the person. This usually means describing shared memories, gifts exchanged, photos, or character descriptions that go beyond any fan page.

This is where mediums who claim to be able to connect with famous people have a hard time. What can they say about that person that can be verified beyond what we know about the public persona? We need the kind of personal proof that only a someone who knew him really well can validate.


Clearly I’m doing mediumship wrong

The supreme test of a psychic might not actually be to contact of Michael Hutchence or Princess Di, or Beethoven, maybe not even Einstein.


The supreme test of a medium might just be how good the evidence is that comes through.

That what is shared touches the soul of the other person, and how the truth of what you’re bringing through feels right. To me that’s the supreme test of a medium. After a long pause on the phone, that’s what my answer was to the journalist. Not as sensational as she hoped, but much more factual. And I did swear!


No one gets stuck

Everyone goes to the light. Even Hitler and certainly Michael Hutchence. There is a plan – a plan that’s so much bigger than us and doesn’t have mistakes. There are no glitches in the system. Everyone get to go to the next world and there are always ones to greet them before they go.

That’s why those on the brink of crossing over often mention seeing or chatting with long gone relatives. The word goes out three to six weeks before someone is due to pass and their loved ones gather to welcome them. This is also one of the main jobs angels are reported to do.


Want to make a connection to someone you love in Spirit?

I won’t be able to summon Michael Hutchence, (unless you knew him personally), but In a 30 minute sitting, we create a reunion where those you know who have passed over have a chance once again to visit.

They bring messages and confirmations that it’s really them. This can be talking about what’s happening in your life right now that they know about, shared memories you both have and all sorts of details that only you would know about.


Book a mediumship reading here.

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